Why You Need to Stop Sleeping On Google Advertising for Your Amazon Products

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Right now, there’s one HUGE untapped opportunity for Amazon sellers. 

We predict a very, VERY good year for those who take advantage of it and those who don’t… 

We predict you might lose a lot of customers.

Here’s why we think so…

Why You Need to Stop Sleeping On Google Advertising for Your Amazon Products

Understanding Google Search Ads

While Amazon’s advertising solutions are impressive, expanding your reach to other platforms can give your brand a competitive edge and help you connect with a broader audience.

Creating Google search ads for your Amazon products is an excellent strategy for extending your presence beyond Amazon and enhancing your visibility in 2023.

Why confine yourself to a single advertising platform? Embracing Google Ads can propel your brand to the forefront and help you distinguish yourself from the competition.

Why limit your potential to Amazon PPC when you have the opportunity to connect with an even larger customer base through Google search ads?

Let’s broaden your horizons and elevate your brand. Discover the potential of our Google Ads for Amazon service today!

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How are Google Ads related to Amazon Advertising?

You might wonder, “Why do I need to place display ads on Google, a search platform when the competition is inside Amazon? Wouldn’t that be overkill on my advertising efforts?”

While it may seem like it’s added effort for what you’re already doing, investing in a search platform like Google has more benefits than you can think of. Based on a 2018 study by Google, 53% of shoppers visit Google to search for products they’re interested in before making the decision to buy.

By advertising your Amazon products on Google, you can take advantage of the trend of catching your potential customers’ attention earlier than your competitors on Amazon. Customers searching on Amazon are usually in the later stages of the buying process. Your competitors who solely advertise on Amazon can never advertise to the 53% of shoppers you’ve had access to if they never try this strategy of Google advertising.

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Why Use Google Ads to Promote Your Amazon Products

Advertising through Google Ads introduces your brand and its products to a wider range of audiences whose active searches are intentional and specific. But not only that, here are more reasons why you should advertise your Amazon products via Google ads:

  • It’s a “blue ocean opportunity”

The term “blue ocean” was coined in 2005 by entrepreneurship industry experts to describe an untapped market with few competitors or barriers to entry. It refers to the wide range of market possibilities and opportunities that arise when a new industry or innovation emerges, like an “empty ocean.”

An illustration showing a webpage being painted with an evergreen image

  • Promote evergreen traffic at lower CPCs

When done correctly, incorporating evergreen or “always-on” Google Ads into your Amazon advertising strategy can be a valuable addition. Like email automation, evergreen campaigns operate in the background, making them a convenient way to have a consistent ad that requires minimal monitoring (although it’s important not to forget about it!). Unlike seasonal or promotional ads that need regular updating, evergreen campaigns can save time for those with busy schedules.

It can become even more efficient once you consider the advertising costs of each campaign.

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  • Boost sales, rankings, and conversions

Google Ads heavily relies on the Google search engine and the queries of users who look for information before making a purchase. While some people prefer to search for products directly on Amazon, there will always be potential customers who start their buying journey elsewhere, like on Google.

It’s important not to miss out on advertising to potential customers on Google because you’re already running Amazon ads. Advertising on Google can bring in more leads, depending on the number of monthly searches for your chosen keyword on Google.

You will earn extra revenue, but having more sales can boost organic Amazon search rankings. This is because sales velocity is one of the strongest ranking factors on Amazon, so an increase in sales can have a domino effect on your rankings.

  • Increase visibility where the customer journey begins

Being present on both Google and Amazon platforms will increase your chances of getting potential customers to buy your products and leave a lasting impression on them.

  • Highly-targeted advertising

Google’s targeting options, such as location, device, and demographics, enable you to refine your audience further and ensure that the right people see your ads. This increases the chances of your ads being clicked, leading to more sales for your Amazon products. 

By targeting ads with specific keywords related to your Amazon products, you can ensure that your ads are shown to people most likely to be interested in your offer.

An illustration of the Google Advertising dashboard and its metrics

  • Measurable results

With Google Ads, you can access a range of metrics and data that allow you to track the performance of your advertising campaigns. You can set up dashboards to see how many people clicked on your ads, how much each click cost you, how many clicks resulted in sales, and the conversions you’ve created over time.

This data allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns and make adjustments to optimize your return on investment.

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The Ampd Ad Automation Toolkit

Ampd, a Google Ads automation toolkit, helps Amazon brands maximize their Google Ad campaigns quickly and easily. By utilizing the APIs from Google Ads and Amazon, Ampd bridges the attribution gap between the two platforms and integrates external paid traffic data. This provides our clients with valuable insights into revenue and organic rank.

When a potential customer clicks on a targeted keyword in a Google Ad, they are directed to an Amazon Storefront or product detail landing page to make their purchase decision. Ampd creates a full attribution between these two steps from their respective platforms. This allows for more effective tracking and optimization of advertising campaigns.

An image of the Ampd automation toolkit set in a white background

Features and benefits of using Ampd

ASIN Attribution and ASIN Tracking

With Ampd, you can set tracking across all ASIN variations to ensure that all sales are accounted for. This means you can send and track traffic to Amazon Storefronts simultaneously.

High-converting Keyword Suggestions

By listing converting keywords on Google, Ampd enables you to optimize your ad campaigns and enhance your ACoS. This allows you to analyze data, experiment with various ad formats and campaigns, and eventually develop Google Ad campaigns promoting keyword-targeted ads and generating conversions.

Keyword-level ACoS Insights

By utilizing Amazon’s keyword-level “add to cart” and “conversion” data, you can improve the effectiveness of your Google Ad campaigns. This approach involves allocating your budget toward relevant keywords performing well while disregarding those that do not.

Amazon’s Brand Referral BONUS Program

Ampd has integrated Amazon’s Brand Referral Bonus for its US clients, allowing them to earn up to 10% cashback for every qualified sale attributed to their non-Amazon marketing efforts or Google Ads.

This bonus program rewards brands that generate referral traffic to Amazon, and the bonus rates may vary depending on the product category, shipping charges, gift wrapping, and selling partners.

To be eligible, the brand-owned products must have the Amazon Attribution tag, and the brands should be registered with Amazon’s Brand Registry. This helps improve their advertising efficiency and boost sales on Amazon.

An illustration showing the different elements of Google Advertising campaigns

How to create your first campaign on Google Advertising

Step 1:Sign up with Ampd

Then, connect it to your Google Ads account. You can create a Google Ads account via Ampd if you don’t already have one.

Step 2: Set up a Google Ads account and add your payment details

We will provide you with our Google Ads Manager Account ID upon signing up for our Google Ads service.

Step 3: Fill in payment information


Step 4: Create an exact match campaign on Google using the keyword research you’ve done for Amazon PPC

Create a campaign that makes use of 15-50 highly-relevant terms.

Step 5: Direct the campaign to your Amazon’s product’s URL

Add a custom link to add a layer of uncertainty to the process.

Step 6: Apply a daily budget of $5-50

Make sure to align this with your Amazon PPC advertising budget and the costs of other advertising strategies you’re implementing for your Amazon business.

Step 7: Launch your first Google Ads campaign

During the first month, closely monitor your campaigns including keyword performance, budgets, and other aspects to ensure smooth operation. If the outcomes are positive, decrease the frequency of monitoring to twice per week after the first two weeks.


Wrapping up

Expanding your advertising strategy to include Google Ads can significantly enhance your Amazon business’s reach and visibility. It’s not about replacing Amazon’s advertising solutions, but rather complementing them with the power of Google’s search platform.

Remember, it’s not just about being present on these platforms; it’s about making a lasting impression on your potential customers. With the right strategies, tools like Ampd, and a bit of creativity, you can leverage Google Ads to boost your Amazon sales, rankings, and conversions.

At AMZ Pathfinder, we’re here to help you navigate this journey. 

Our expert team can assist you in maximizing your Google Ads campaigns for your Amazon business. Reach out to us today and let’s explore this untapped potential together!


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Why You Need to Stop Sleeping On Google Advertising for Your Amazon Products

A thumbnail image for AMZ Pathfinder blog with the caption, Google Ads: The Amazon Seller's Secret Weapon
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