A to Z Amazon Account Management

Ensuring the prosperity of your Amazon Seller Central account is pivotal for elevating sales and growing your enterprise. As all experienced sellers are aware, a significant amount of time is invested in maintaining account health and delivering top-notch customer service. One wrong move can disrupt your business operations, resulting in lost revenue opportunities and hampered business expansion.

Why AMZ Pathfinder?

Here at AMZ Pathfinder, we offer a dedicated team of Amazon seller management experts ready to help support your Amazon journey. We adopt a comprehensive approach to Amazon support, focusing on enhancing the customer service experience and protecting the overall health of your seller account. Our services cover everything, from ensuring listing health and managing inventory issues to vigilant buybox monitoring and expert refund support. A one stop shop for your Amazon needs. Read on for more details.

Don’t let your Amazon business stall – take action today! Elevate your Amazon Seller Central account management with AMZ Pathfinder’s expertise and ensure your business thrives.

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How does a partnership begin?


Starting out at the beginning we will audit your set up and provide a thorough investigation of strengths and areas for improvement.

Tailored Solution

A bespoke plan that fits the needs and goals of your business and your business alone.


We are results and data driven. We are committed to improving your business with measurable goals and milestones. With an eye on the data we optimize over time uncovering new opportunities for expansion as we go.

What can our Account Management team do for you ?

Customer Service

Customer support is vital on Amazon because it directly impacts your reputation, seller metrics, and overall success as a seller on the platform. Providing excellent customer service is a strategic investment that can lead to increased sales, positive reviews, and long-term business growth.

Rapid Response Time

Responding to customer messages quickly is important, we achieve this with daily monitoring.

Bespoke Response Templates for FAQs

Providing consistent informative support to your customer base can be achieved with custom response templates, getting your brand voice right every time.

Escalation, Refunds and Resolution

We solve critical cases including customer refunds and product replacement issues. Products arriving damaged or defective are going to happen, swiftly dealing with these problems sets your customer service apart.

Deal Management and Coupon Creation

Want to provide your customers with discounts and sales but don’t have the time to effectively manage the discounts. Our team can take the load with strategically placed discounts and sales in accordance with your advertising goals. Need help setting those goals , visit our PPC advertising service page to read about our team of PPC experts.

Listing Monitoring

Keeping your listings healthy is a battle. Once you have produced a high quality listing for your product the work truly begins. Keeping hijackers away, resolving suppression flags, product quality alters to name a few issues which plague sellers. Our team of experts are well versed in solving these issues as quickly as possible.

Daily Monitoring

The faster a problem is discovered the less down time your product will have. We check daily to ensure all is well with your product listings.

Suppression and Quality Alerts

For a beginner these problems can take time to resolve, dealing with Amazon support is difficult. We understand how to navigate Amazon support to get these problems dealt with in the most efficient way.

Buy Box Monitoring

If you have issues with the buybox we can help. Our team monitors Buy Box performance down to the ASIN level, keeping an eye on your competitors and ensuring your product stays in position.

Negative Feedback Resolution

Some say it is impossible, we know that it is not. Getting negative feedback removed is vital to maintain a positive impression of your brand on the platform. We carefully identify harmful reviews against your product and begin the process of requesting their removal. We work closely with Amazon’s TOS to achieve this.

Other full management services our team can do for you

Many sellers are not aware that it is likely Amazon owes them money. Tracking down your FBA reimbursement cases is complex and difficult to navigate. We work with our partners who are experts at retrieving your money in a traceable and TOS compliant way. We have complete confidence in offering free audits in a 48 hour timeframe to establish if you have a case or not. Getting in touch to find out is a win-win proposition.

Stranded Inventory Issues

We troubleshoot your stranded inventory issues to provide efficient resolution. We do this by creating intricate support cases with Amazon, this combined with our daily monitoring means your issues are resolved as promptly as possible. We provide detailed logs of each case so you can stay up to date.

Seller Performance and Higher Level Issues

The health of your seller account is important, we work closely with Amazon support to ensure you have the highest health score possible. Working closely with Amazon directly to manage your cases and utilizing Amazon forms to resolve issues we get the job done. Our team of experts can also help with higher level projects like POA creation.

The management of your Seller Account doesn’t have to be a solo journey. Our team of friendly experts are poised and ready to help. The first step to improving your experience as a seller is jumping on the phone with our team, no strings attached. Let’s see together how we can grow your business. Click Below to begin your journey.

Improve you Amazon account with our help!

Meet Our Clients
“Explore our client case studies to discover how we’ve helped our partners succeed and thrive in a dynamic market.”
Total sales
Attributed orders
The results

From April to December 2019, ThinkGizmos brand achieved a 23% ACOS across the US and five European marketplaces, with 33% of its total sales attributed to advertising over this timeframe. Sponsored Brands campaigns proved effective at new customer acquisition, with 88% of attributed orders being new-to-brand.
By leveraging an API tool provider like Prestozon, AMZ Pathfinder was able to more effectively service its brand client, ThinkGizmos, who reaped the benefits of automated campaign management.

Ash e-commerce business owner
The results

In just a few months, our expert account managers dramatically decreased Ash’s blended ACoS as low as 9%.
This reduction is of benefit to Ash because the increasing profitability and cash flow frees him up to scale other parts of his business.

Viter Energy
Overall ROAS
Overall ACoS
New to brand purchases increase (2020 to 2021)
Product sales increase (2020 to 2021)
The results

Viter Energy’s willingness to experiment with ADSP contributed to the success of their campaigns. While many companies would second guess advertising via DSP, Viter Energy is winning the game when it comes to retargeting website traffic through DSP and tackling upper funnel segments where it’s most profitable.

Healing & Bliss
Total Ad Spend
Total Ad Revenue
Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
The results

Rebounding from Product Suspensions and Finding Keywords that are Profitable, Safe, and High Volume.
Our work with Healing & Bliss provided them two key benefits for their Amazon ad accounts:

  • Discovery of a collection of profitable keywords that did not trigger product suspensions.
  • Collection and negation of adult keywords that were NOT working and triggered suspensions across their account.
Bryan Amazon Seller
The results

Staying committed, improving advertising, and experimenting with profitable strategies allow Bryan’s business to scale with a dedicated PPC team scaling alongside him. 165% increase in overall impressions.

Tree Tub
New to Brand Purchases
DSP Spend
The results

In 10 months, we helped Tree to Tub realize that Amazon DSP is a viable advertising platform for profitability, brand consideration, and reach, especially for a smaller brand like theirs.

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