Tools we Trust and
Service Providers we Recommend

We are often asked by business owners for recommendations on software packages or service providers to help with the various aspects of running a healthy Amazon business. Below is our short list of those we think will provide our clients with the best results based on our own agency-level experience with them.

Software we use:


Our software platform of choice for automating bid optimization, improving search term migration and speeding up a handful of other key tasks, saving us time and improving results for our clients.


Helium10 has over a dozen tools that help Amazon sellers find top volume keywords, spy on competitors, and fully optimize product listings. We make heavy use of Helium10 and strongly recommend it. Use code AMZPATHFINDER for 50% off your first month.

Viral Launch

One of the more detailed keyword research tools in our arsenal. We use advanced filtering features to refine our source keywords, explore the long tail and expand current campaigns.

Jungle Scout

Perhaps the best known of all Amazon tools, we use the browser extension for a variety of tasks related to competitor research, market analysis, title review and so on.

Landing Cube

Purpose-built landing page software for Amazon best used in conjunction with external traffic sources such as Facebook advertising or influencer traffic sources.

Software we recommend:

Seller Legend

There are many seller dashboards on the market but few have figured out the UI and usability aspect. Seller Legend is one exception that paired with excellent customer support and a full feature set makes it a winning option.


The best Amazon product detail page A/B testing software available on the market.

Service partners we recommend:

AMZ Europe

Dedicated site for Amazon Sellers who want to launch and grow their business in Europe. Their flagship service offering is EU listing optimization, featuring detailed keyword research and localization (a mix of copywriting and translation).

FBA Frontiers

John and his team at FBA Frontiers believe as we do that Amazon Europe is the future for any business looking to expand and make serious profits on Amazon in 2018. FBA Frontiers helps with VAT, translation and offers courses and guides for navigating the EU marketplace.

YLT Translations

Professional translation service provider dedicated to providing you with the highest quality Amazon listing translations that make more sales. They focus not just on the translation but also the cultural contextualization of listings.

The FBA Broker

Looking to sell your FBA business or buy another? Coran at The FBA Broker is your resource.

Rising Sun Commerce

We are team of experienced sellers on Amazon Japan and we specialize in helping people sell on Amazon Japan. If you want to sell on Amazon Japan, or you’re already selling on Amazon Japan but want to improve your sales then we can help you.

AMZ Lenders

Look no further than AMZ Lenders if you are looking to leverage a loan to buy more inventory for your growing Amazon business. Lower rates and more favorable terms than those available with Amazon.

Ecommerce Chris

Our recommended solution for Amazon account suspension and reinstatement issues. Chris and his team are Amazon insiders who get results.

Have you see videos on product detail pages and wondered how they got them there? This service helps sellers place videos on the Amazon Video Shorts and Related Videos sections of product pages