We Build Custom Roadmaps with Our In-Depth Amazon Audit

Expert insight in helping you become your competitor’s worst nightmare

Our professional audit service is great for brands who...

Top 3 Reasons for an Audit

1. Unclear Strategy

Businesses often jump on the newest silver-bullet strategies without stepping back and carefully planning how all the pieces of the account work together.

2. Lack of Attention

You're a business owner first. That means your time is spent on more than just advertising. It's inventory, logistics, customer experience and more.

3. Analysis Paralysis

After watching 3 days worth of expert webinars, strategy tactics, and optimization tools... What do you commit to first?

Getting honest and expert feedback on your current advertising performance will stop the wasted spend, improve your conversions, and identify problems before they become too big to handle.

How In-Depth Do Our Audits Go?​

1. Account summary questionnaire

Take the questionnaire below to schedule a call. Your information will help us get to know your business and Amazon PPC account better.  Be as detailed as possible about your challenges and pain points related to your current advertising campaigns.

2. 12-point analysis during the auditing process (just to name a few):

Wasted Ad Spend​

We will identify where the account is leaking money and explain how to triage and plug those holes.

Account Structure and Organization​

We will analyze the account for structure and order and consistent naming conventions like your personal Mary Poppins.

Retail Readiness​

We will give your product listings the scrutiny they deserve. Spending your hard earned cash to send traffic to Retail Ready listings makes all the difference.

Keyword Analysis and Diversity​

We've worked directly with 100+ clients in dozens of categories. When it comes to understanding the keyword landscape, you're in good hands.

Search Term Analysis and Diversity​

We take those same keywords and discover the optimal search terms for your exact and phrase match search terms in your ad account.

Negative Keywords

Most sellers ignore this. We don't. We will diagnose negative keyword use in the account and make clear recommendations.

Performance by Placement​

This little-understood and often misused feature will be examined during our thorough audit, making sense of things.

Spend Allocation and Budgeting

The real meat and bones. After determining where you shouldn't be spending, we'll give you expert advice on where you should.

3. Consultation call and follow-up with our team

Get an 1-hour long recorded consultation call with our team walking you through the setup and execution of your newly audited account.

45-Day Check Up Call to evaluate if you are implementing your roadmap properly.

4. Prestozon Setup and Configuration

If you use Prestozon / Helium10 ADS as your advertising management tool of choice, we set it up and advise on best practice usage.

This step is only optional for those who use this tool.

Amazon PPC Acount Audit Pricing

$ 1000 per marketplace
  • 12-poing analysis auditing process
  • Consultation call detailing where you are and next steps
  • 30-day check up call evaluating your progress
  • Prestozon Setup and Configuration

Pathfinder works exclusively with brands already established on Amazon.

Fill out the questionnaire below and on the next page, schedule a free call with the team. Or email us at [email protected]

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