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Top 3 reasons for an audit

Unclear strategy

Conflicting opinions? Mixed up strategies? Unclear road ahead? We can help. With unforeseen obstacles popping up, are you endlessly back at the drawing board? Without a clear strategy it is difficult to control and scale. You need a team of Amazon professionals who are knowledgeable in the latest trends, can expertly assess your business and will put strategies in place for long-term success.
Lack of attention
We get it. Whether you’re a part-time or full-time Amazon Seller, it can be difficult to juggle business tasks simultaneously. However, in the whirlwind of adding more products to your inventory and working to differentiate yourself from the competition, you can lose focus on what matters most. Let us help you improve your focus by analyzing what really moves the needle!
Analysis paralysis
Having access to your account’s analytics and seeing the metrics is one thing, but knowing how to interpret them, create strategies, and apply them to your business is another. Training to get that knowledge will take big chunks out of your already limited time… so why not pass the baton to the Amazon experts who can put those metrics to good use?
Getting honest and expert feedback on your current advertising performance will help stop the wasted spend, improve your conversions, and identify problems before they become too big to handle.
How in-depth do our audits go?
Account summary questionnaire
Take the questionnaire below to schedule a call. Your information will help us get to know your business and Amazon PPC account better. Be as detailed as possible about your challenges and pain points related to your current advertising campaigns.
The cornerstones of our Amazon PPC Auditing Process

Wasted ad spend

We will identify where the account is leaking money and explain how to triage and plug those holes.

Search term analysis and diversity

We take time to understand your audience, what are your customers truly searching for. Armed with this information we analyze if we are using this information appropriately in the campaigns.

Account structure and organization

We will analyze the account’s structure down the keyword level. Consistent naming conventions and simple to navigate hierarchy will go a long way.

Negative keywords

Most sellers ignore this. We don't. We will diagnose negative keyword use in the account and make clear recommendations.

Retail readiness

We will inspect your product listings and advise where they can be improved. Spending your hard earned cash to send traffic to Retail Ready listings makes all the difference.

Spend allocation and budgeting

The real meat and bones. After determining where you shouldn't be spending, we'll give you expert advice on where you should.

Keyword analysis and diversity

We've worked directly with 100+ clients in dozens of categories. When it comes to understanding the keyword landscape, you're in good hands.

Performance by placement

This little-understood and often misused feature will be examined during our thorough audit, making sense of things.

Hourly Data Analysis

Understanding when you should be bidding using AMS helps to keep us profitable by focusing on those hours with the highest CVR


Consultation call and follow-up with our team
Join us on a 1-hour long consultation call. Our team of experts will walk you through the findings and guide you on what to do next to improve. 45-days later we like to have another call to evaluate your progress.

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