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Are you looking for an elite PPC team who can scale and embrace your brand like an inhouse team? Look no further AMZ Pathfinder sets its partners up for success.

The AMZ Pathfinder approach to Amazon PPC management

Every Amazon business is unique and should be treated as such.

We have a well-oiled, battle tested 5-step process when dealing with new partners. This system allows us to identify what is best for your business and to strategize on how to achieve your advertising goals. 

Account Evaluation

To understand where we are going we need to understand what we are working with right now. We evaluate our partner’s accounts thoroughly, reporting back on the current set up. 

Onboarding and Account Triage

Following our deep dive into the account, we then perform a triage. Our highly skilled PPC experts will take over and begin working on the most substantial pain points and immediate areas of improvement. Stemming overspend and preparing the account for scaling.

Restructure and Scale

When the triage step is complete, the restructuring process can begin. The account will be organized and gaps in campaign and keyword strategies begin to be filled out putting the account on a path to growth.
Ongoing Optimisation 
There is no ‘set it and forget it’ attitude here. Campaigns need constant care and attention. In the ever  changing landscape of Amazon we will keep on top of monitoring your campaigns molding them towards your goals.
Ongoing Collaboration
We have a highly knowledgeable communications team whose sole purpose is to keep you in the loop and in-front of the strategy in your account. This combined with our informative reporting you will be up to date every step of the way.

Why should you partner with an Amazon PPC agency?


The health of your account is important to us. We strive to understand the most important metrics to each of our partners right down to the product level. We focus heavily on total ACoS, on profit margins, on ACoS and general profitability.
Improving your Amazon business is one step away.
We use a combination of the newest technologies and our teams wealth of experience to make continuous improvements to your campaigns. From day parting and hourly metric understanding to what can go here that sounds cool for our ad optimisation 
Improving your Amazon business is one step away.
Increase ROI
The main aim of selling on Amazon is to improve ROI. After laying the groundwork and nurturing your campaigns to health, we strive to grow your revenue. Utilizing new techniques and ensuring all valid advertising avenues are explored is the Pathfinder way.
Improving your Amazon business is one step away.
Meet Our Clients
“Explore our client case studies to discover how we’ve helped our partners succeed and thrive in a dynamic market.”
Total sales
Attributed orders
The results

From April to December 2019, ThinkGizmos brand achieved a 23% ACOS across the US and five European marketplaces, with 33% of its total sales attributed to advertising over this timeframe. Sponsored Brands campaigns proved effective at new customer acquisition, with 88% of attributed orders being new-to-brand.
By leveraging an API tool provider like Prestozon, AMZ Pathfinder was able to more effectively service its brand client, ThinkGizmos, who reaped the benefits of automated campaign management.

Ash e-commerce business owner
The results

In just a few months, our expert account managers dramatically decreased Ash’s blended ACoS as low as 9%.
This reduction is of benefit to Ash because the increasing profitability and cash flow frees him up to scale other parts of his business.

Viter Energy
Overall ROAS
Overall ACoS
New to brand purchases increase (2020 to 2021)
Product sales increase (2020 to 2021)
The results

Viter Energy’s willingness to experiment with ADSP contributed to the success of their campaigns. While many companies would second guess advertising via DSP, Viter Energy is winning the game when it comes to retargeting website traffic through DSP and tackling upper funnel segments where it’s most profitable.

Healing & Bliss
Total Ad Spend
Total Ad Revenue
Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
The results

Rebounding from Product Suspensions and Finding Keywords that are Profitable, Safe, and High Volume.
Our work with Healing & Bliss provided them two key benefits for their Amazon ad accounts:

  • Discovery of a collection of profitable keywords that did not trigger product suspensions.
  • Collection and negation of adult keywords that were NOT working and triggered suspensions across their account.
Tree Tub
New to Brand Purchases
DSP Spend
The results

In 10 months, we helped Tree to Tub realize that Amazon DSP is a viable advertising platform for profitability, brand consideration, and reach, especially for a smaller brand like theirs.

We use a proven playbook to guide our Amazon ads strategy
We make it our business to understand our partners’ accounts down to the product level. With extensive keyword research, granular examination of search terms and extensive experimentation we guide our strategies based on data not on theory.

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