Reach beyond the confines of Amazon’s platform with ADSP

Looking to expand your Brand and Products presence with programmatic buying? Are your product’s ready for DSP, AMZ Pathfinder will guide the way.
What is DSP?

Amazon DSP (Demand-Side Platform) is a powerful advertising platform that lets advertisers reach their ideal audience with targeted ads on Amazon owned sites and apps, as well as external sites and apps across the web. It’s perfect for brands looking to enhance the advertising strategies for established products.

With DSP, advertisers can leverage Amazon’s vast data pool to deliver relevant ads to potential customers based on their browsing behavior and preferences. It’s a great way to get your brand out there and connect with potential customers in a much more tailored way.

With Amazon DSP’s comprehensive analytics and reporting tools, advertisers can track the success of their campaigns and make informed and data-driven decisions to optimize the end results.

Improving your Amazon business is one step away.
What are the benefits of DSP?

Advanced audiences

Target various audiences by location, devices, user’s interests, in-market preferences, demographic to name a few. DSP makes audience creation a breeze.

Unique publisher supply

Unavailable in advertising console , DSP allows you to go beyond the Amazon platform with a premium Amazon-Owned inventory of publishers

Brand safety

DSP uses both its own and third-party solutions to monitor everything from real-time bids to site reviews for brand safety, traffic quality, 3P supply quality, and viewability. Your ads will not be placed next to off-brand content.

Flexible and scalable

DSP campaigns have many lever to pull from budgets to supply, audiences, bids, and frequency caps in addition to using a variety of creatives including standard images, display, e-commerce creatives, and 3P serving creatives.

How DSP Works With Your Current Advertising
Amazon DSP allows you to serve different type of ads depending on where you want to reach your customers in your purchase funnel.
DSP includes 5 unique ad types for all 5+ off-Amazon platforms

Super power your ads with multi-touch attribution and filter your ad targeting by demographic powered by Amazon’s exclusive purchasing data

Improving your Amazon business is one step away.
The AMZ Pathfinder experience
ADSP is complex, understanding how it can provide your Amazon presence a boost is not easy. At AMZ Pathfinder we aim to make DSP a breeze. Work together with our experts, form your audience and reach outside of Amazon to boost your brand to new levels.

step 1


We analyze your products’ historical metrics such as traffic and sales to determine how your account can benefit from DSP—whether it is increased awareness or focused remarketing.

step 2


We develop a tailored strategy that aligns the capabilities of the DSP, including Amazon audiences, creative elements, and channels, with the specific objectives of your account.

step 3


We proceed by constructing the account, launching campaigns, and monitoring results and pertinent metrics. Our continuous optimization efforts are geared toward achieving your desired goals

step 4


We then engage in iterative processes, leveraging various Amazon DSP reports to identify additional opportunities for  further account expansion and market share growth.

Meet Our Clients
“Explore our client case studies to discover how we’ve helped our partners succeed and thrive in a dynamic market.”
Total sales
Attributed orders
The results

From April to December 2019, ThinkGizmos brand achieved a 23% ACOS across the US and five European marketplaces, with 33% of its total sales attributed to advertising over this timeframe. Sponsored Brands campaigns proved effective at new customer acquisition, with 88% of attributed orders being new-to-brand.
By leveraging an API tool provider like Prestozon, AMZ Pathfinder was able to more effectively service its brand client, ThinkGizmos, who reaped the benefits of automated campaign management.

Ash e-commerce business owner
The results

In just a few months, our expert account managers dramatically decreased Ash’s blended ACoS as low as 9%.
This reduction is of benefit to Ash because the increasing profitability and cash flow frees him up to scale other parts of his business.

Viter Energy
Overall ROAS
Overall ACoS
New to brand purchases increase (2020 to 2021)
Product sales increase (2020 to 2021)
The results

Viter Energy’s willingness to experiment with ADSP contributed to the success of their campaigns. While many companies would second guess advertising via DSP, Viter Energy is winning the game when it comes to retargeting website traffic through DSP and tackling upper funnel segments where it’s most profitable.

Healing & Bliss
Total Ad Spend
Total Ad Revenue
Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
The results

Rebounding from Product Suspensions and Finding Keywords that are Profitable, Safe, and High Volume.
Our work with Healing & Bliss provided them two key benefits for their Amazon ad accounts:

  • Discovery of a collection of profitable keywords that did not trigger product suspensions.
  • Collection and negation of adult keywords that were NOT working and triggered suspensions across their account.
Tree Tub
New to Brand Purchases
DSP Spend
The results

In 10 months, we helped Tree to Tub realize that Amazon DSP is a viable advertising platform for profitability, brand consideration, and reach, especially for a smaller brand like theirs.

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