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DSP for Amazon is Best for Brands Who Want To:

Scale their reach to customers beyond Seller Central advertising

Serve ads to custom audiences built from Amazon's exclusive data

Use your existing traffic to retarget shoppers who have visited your products

Edge out your competitors in advertising reach and exposure

What is Amazon DSP?

The Amazon Demand-Side Platform (DSP) is an advertising platform that lets businesses buy display ads on and off Amazon. It’s unique because it’s powered by Amazon’s exclusive purchasing database.

It’s like buying ads on Facebook but using the data intelligence of Amazon.

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CPC: Cost per Click
You pay for click

Managed Service
Self service

CPM: Cost per thousand
You pay for impressions

Audience InsightsYou Can't Get Anywhere Else

Shopper Retargeting Ads

Also known as brand re-engagement or remarketing.
Its Amazon’s way of bringing shoppers back into the purchase funnel after they’ve already seen your products.
These ads are dynamic which means you can share a compelling testimonial or offer a coupon code they can’t refuse.

Audience Overlap

Find more shoppers that overlap with your existing customer data. Other DSPs (like the Facebook ads platform) calls this your lookalike audience.

The more shoppers you find that behave more like your customers = the more revenue you can generate.

Target by Demographic Insights

Filter your ad targeting by demographic powered by Amazon’s exclusive purchasing data:

Dynamic Ads aka Your Own Amazon Fortune Teller

Amazon DSP DEA (Dynamic Ecommerce Advertising) predicts when, where, and what time your ideal customers are browsing or planning on purchasing your products.
Serve shoppers unique discount codes, customer reviews, and product images without having to create any new ad creatives.

How DSP Works With Your Current Advertising:

Amazon DSP allows you to serve different type of ads depending on where you want to reach your customers in your purchase funnel.

DSP Also Includes 5 New Ad Types for all 5+ Off-Amazon Platforms

Filter your ad targeting by demographic powered by Amazon’s exclusive purchasing data:

"More customers are completing their purchase journey on Amazon..."

…and if your customers are choosing between you or your competitors, wouldn’t
it be nice to have your brand be top of mind?

Are your Amazon Businesses
a good fit for DSP Advertising?

Your time and money are valuable. We only want to work with you if we know we can make a difference in your business. If you…

AMZ Pathfinder works with brands On & Off Amazon.

With Amazon DSP, you don’t have to sell on Amazon to see meaningful results and a better return on ad spend.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Amazon DSP is available to both advertisers who sell products on Amazon and those who do not.


DSP is display advertising that is charged on a CPM (Cost Per Thousand) Impressions basis vs the PPC (Pay Per Click) model you’re already used to from Amazon advertising platforms like Seller Central and Advertising Console. Unlike those platforms, DSP is able to reach a vast audience outside of the Amazon marketplace and includes dozens of options for targeting refinement that they lack.

DSP budget is best thought of as “in addition to” instead of “in place of” the advertising budget you allocate to the traditional Amazon advertising platforms. Once your primary Amazon advertising efforts are running efficiently and contributing in a significant way should you consider expanding to DSP.

Yes, we can target individual competitor products or use their ASINs to build audiences which we can run advertising against.

We recommend a minimum budget of at least $3,000 USD (or local currency equivalent) to start a single retargeting campaign. DSP is a platform with a lot of reach and ability to scale, so the allocated budget could very easily be increased if we find initial success.

If you’re using other DSPs it’s possible that your display ads will overlap. Since it’s not a PPC model they won’t compete with each other directly from a bidding sense. The Amazon O&O (Owned and Operated) ad inventory available through Amazon’s DSP is not available on any other ad exchange. This O&O inventory is typically the most costly, but in our experience also has the best ROAS.

Absolutely! We are happy to have an in-depth discussion about DSP so get in touch with us by using the above form or emailing [email protected]

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