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This Is AMZ Pathfinder

We are a team of savvy advertisers, clever creatives, and sharp marketers working together to produce amazing results and lasting impressions for every brand we partner with.

Our Values

We’re the performance advertising agency for Brands on Amazon that delivers what others only promise. We take pride in accepting challenges other agencies don’t understand, breaking growth barriers with results they can’t get, and making you look like a genius for switching.


We are accountable for what we do and we take our time doing it to ensure quality. We always do what we say we will do.


We eliminate or minimize things that make no impact on client outcomes. More isn’t always better.

Clients Come First.

Every decision we make is based on the result it will yield for our clients. We truly want what is best for you.

Continuous Improvement.

We don’t settle for complacency. We are committed to lifelong improvement.

Radical Honesty.

We deliver honest and helpful feedback to each other and clients along open lines of communication.

Meet the Team

Brent Zahradnik

Brent started AMZ Pathfinder in the summer of 2015 – the early days of Amazon advertising when you could quickly see incredible ROI advertising just about anything. 

Brent realized that he had the power to help so many businesses selling on Amazon harness this growing PPC platform to grow their revenue and exposure.

Since then, he’s witnessed firsthand each and every update that Amazon has implemented and throughout the years, updated the tactics and processes AMZ Pathfinder uses to adapt to the ever-evolving ecosystem.

If you’re looking to schedule a 1-on-1 consultation with Brent, then request a call on Clarity.


Laura, from Manchester, England, is our COO and client relationship manager. She works with our clients to understand their needs and to ensure that they are met or exceeded. 

She works directly with our team to turn client requests into action. 

She has a BSc in Cell and Molecular Biology and a PhD in Molecular Biology and is hyper-detailed, always on the hunt for new knowledge. 

She loves meeting new people and providing top-notch service.


Regine has been in the accounting industry for more than seven years and uses her expertise to handle all things numbers and finance for the AMZ Pathfinder team. 

Since joining Pathfinder she’s taken those same analytical skills and put them to good use in the world of advertising data and now delivers consistent results for client accounts. 

Regine lives in the Philippines, where she enjoys reading books, watching baseball and traveling.



Zeljko has worked in the digital marketing space for almost a decade with ample experience in PPC on multiple platforms, Native advertising, Programmatic advertising, and DSPs. 

He’s also passionate about SEO. With a Masters’s degree in marketing and an assistant professorship at the same University, he’s well-qualified to take charge of accounts to the benefit of our clients.

Before joining AMZ Pathfinder he worked with an Amazon account with ~$500,000 in annual ad spend for 2 years.

Besides his native Serbian and fluent English he speaks Russian and Dutch, loves to travel and takes every opportunity to explore exotic new locales including North Korea.


Miguel has been working in the digital marketing space for over 4 years now and has experience in almost every aspect of it.

His love for PPC and Marketplaces made him join AMZ Pathfinder to combine the two. He owns a Masters degree in marketing and has managed an advertising account with a monthly spend of $65,000 before in The Netherlands.

Unlike his name might suggest Miguel doesn’t speak Spanish fluently.

He grew up in The Netherlands so he is fluent in Dutch, English and can speak German and Spanish on a conversational level.



Born in Portugal, João moved recently to the Netherlands right after graduating from college where he got his bachelor degree in Management.

João took the opportunity and joined a Portuguese Startup where he learned and started doing online paid marketing. He has experience managing $1MM+ in Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other platforms.

In his free time, João likes gaming and watching his football club Sporting Clube de Portugal that keeps him very busy.



Meet Marko, an adventurer with a never-ending thirst for excitement. In his free time, you can find him hiking up active volcanoes while observing the landscape for approaching Pumas (or Guanacos, the slightly less scary of the two), and rafting along some crystal clear Swiss rivers.

He’s also an avid fantasy football player (the American kind), carefully analyzing stats and making strategic picks to dominate his league (or at least to annoy his opponents with his trash talk).

When he’s not pushing himself to the limit (while screaming from the top of his lungs at random football games), Marko can be found deeply engaged in listening to podcasts at 2x speed.

No challenge is too big for Marko, and he’s always looking for his next adventure (or ridiculous joke).



I have been working as a Receptionist and commercial employee in different international agencies in my native city (Milan) and for the Best Western Hotels chain. I can currently speak five languages, as English, Spanish, German, French and Italian (Mothertongue).

I have had important professional experiences, both of personal and professional kind, abroad. The places I have lived the longest:

UK, USA, Canada, Sweden, Ireland, Mexico and France. In UK and in France I have worked as Hotel Receptionist (25 years old) and Girl au pair (20 years old).

I am an independent person and I can say I am open-minded and a creative spirit, as well. I am disciplined and reliable in doing my job duties and in assisting/serving my Customers/Clients.



Patricia has a degree in Financial and Management Accounting and has been in the manufacturing and business-process outsourcing industry doing administrative and financial analysis tasks.

Being exposed to various metric-driven industries, she can relay her experience to support the finance and reporting team in AMZ Pathfinder.

She is born and raised in the Philippines. And during her free time, she likes to be with nature or playing with her dogs.


Michelle holds a bachelor’s degree in Management Accounting. She has 3 years experience in general accounting and half a year in sales.

Due to her organizational skills and flexibility, she was promoted to assist the executives and senior members of the team for 6 years.

Then, she decided to take it to another level and move to a fast-paced working environment to apply her diverse knowledge and skills.

Michelle has the passion for arts and designs. She also loves to watch Netflix, read fiction e-books and traveling.


Elena was born and raised in Croatia, but moved to Italy to complete her bachelor degree in Modern Languages with Spanish and English as majors.

She continued her career growth journey in the UK and Spain, where she had the opportunity to develop her management, quality control skills and marketing experience.

Her intercultural background with her undeniable hunger to progress further in Marketing has allowed her to land the position of Account Manager in the multicultural and multilingual team of AMZ Pathfinder.

She loves to travel, watch sci-fiction movies and play chess in her free time.


Juan holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and communication, and a master’s degree in Marketing. He has an extensive background in sales and marketing roles across the BPO and IT industries, and has helped increase revenue and ROI for large companies such as Capgemini, VXI and Everise.

Juan’s professional background gives him a unique skill set that goes well beyond sales and includes strategic communication, corporate communication, Proposal/RFI authoring and management, account and operations management, event planning, program management, and channel marketing.

Located in Guatemala, Juan is fully bilingual in English and Spanish. During his free time you may find him DJing at local venues, making music in his home studio, gaming, or spending time with his 2 Jack Russell Terriers.


Bill has experience in managing clients for over 8 years in the finance industry. He acquired a comprehensive range of skills which include portfolio management, client communication, managing a pipeline, and market analysis.

In 2018, he started his journey in London by joining an international finance company as a Account manager and shortly being promoted and continued to grow as an Senior account manager. Afterwards, Bill decided to take upon a new challenge and move to Spain where he established his own finance company and expanded to a satellite office in Sweden.

Born in United Kingdom, but has also lived in various countries, Bill continues to be an open-minded, multicultural and multilingual individual. He speaks a native level of English, fluent Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and upgrading his Spanish.

Bill enjoys travelling, meeting new people, immersing in new challenges and cooking!


Alex was born and raised in Moldova, a small country between Romania and Ukraine, and speaks Romanian, Russian and English.

He has a bachelor’s in bank accounting. Previously, Alex worked as an Executive Producer at a morning show for 5 years after he chose to adapt remote freelance work as a full-time job with a specialization in Amazon PPC Management.

He sold his first car to start a Private Label business. He has since had the opportunity to manage advertising campaigns, research products, create listings and sell his own products through the Amazon Marketplace.

Alex loves to travel and during his free time he’s reading books, watching movies and playing chess. His favorite movie are Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogy.


Rheena is a skilled Ecommerce Virtual Assistant/ Customer support with 7 years of experience. Over the years, she has expanded her expertise and knowledge on different tasks ensuring to provide each client quality and professional work.

She is a home buddy and loves interior decorating. And after this pandemic, she is looking forward to exploring new places and catching up with more lifetime memories with her family.


Soraya has been in the Digital Marketing sphere for over 7 years. In college, she completed her Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Multimedia Arts, but chose to begin her career in SEO and Content Writing after graduation.

After 2 1/2 years of working 9-5 in 2 different international companies in Manila, she decided to pack up and move back to her hometown to discover different opportunities online. Since then, she has worked with several small and medium-sized companies based in Europe, America, Australia, and Asia. Throughout her years of working from home, Soraya has taught herself skills in SEO, Content Writing, Social Media Management, Digital Marketing, Google and Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, Funnel Building, and many others.

During her free time, she spends her time taking care of her fishes, assembling mechanical keyboards, watching horror films and series, tweaking her website, reading about perfumes, and going for long drives.


Born in Azerbaijan, Baku City, Naila has a degree in International Economics and is a member of ACCA professional accountancy body.

She has over 15 year of in-office experience in Finance, IT and Business systems implementations. She was managing large teams in Telco and Retail sectors, as well as had consultancy and audit experience in Big Four.

Naila has around 5 years’ experience launching Private Label products. Her passion for everything E-commerce and choice to adapt remote freelance work as a full-time job made her join AMZ Pathfinder to pursue a career in PPC.

Naila speaks a native level of Azerbaijani and Russian, is fluent in English and is improving her Turkish.

When she is not working, you can find her cooking and baking cakes and pastries, walking on the seaside or spending time with friends and family.


Manoel is passionate about communication since as early as he can remember and has over 6 years of experience in clients management in different industries. 

His career started off in the fashion industry as a producer and has since then evolved to a more strategic side of communication, always keeping his creativity and aesthetics in his work at all times. 

Born on a small island in the south of Brazil and currently based in the sunny Lisbon, Manoel can often be seen biking around, chasing for the perfect Sunday brunch, or clubbing in the most underground venues during his time off.


Salam has a Master’s degree in Data Analytics with over 5 years of work experience as both a Data Analyst and Data Engineer.

He has technical experience using Microsoft Excel, SQL, Python, and Tableau to leverage data science for storytelling and optimizing business processes.

Salam was born and raised in Nigeria and currently lives in Ireland.

When he’s not working you can find him reading.


Goran was born and raised in a small town in Serbia.

After getting a Master’s degree in Business Information Systems, his career started as a business consultant on ERP systems implementation. After two years, he started working in a digital marketing agency on web design and development and PPC, where he fell in love with the PPC world, and the rest became history.

Even if he doesn’t look like that, he is a highly passionate tango dancer when he is not improving client campaigns.


Santiago was born in Chile, where he studied a bachelor’s degree in Communication with a major in Marketing. His first professional experience was in a global agency, in the SEO department, being his first contact with search marketing.

After having multiple experiences in advertising agencies, and exploring different branches of digital, he pursued in 2019 a Master in Media Management at the University of Glasgow, where he lived for almost three years. In 2021, he worked at an Amazon marketing agency, gaining AMS and DSP experience.

Santiago, now living in Madrid, joins Pathfinder with the goal of learning and achieving the best results for our clients.


Reymond has a bachelors degree in computer science and 4 years of experience working with a manufacturing company in a System Application Products role in the philipines before getting into online work thanks to the influence of his wife. An expert in Excel VBA scripting and Macro his creations power much of the reporting, data visualization and internal tools we use at Pathfinder. He has more recently expanded his role to Amazon PPC.

He loves to travel, play computer and board games.



Gurdeep was born and raised in Manchester, England and has a diverse background spanning several industries.

Graduating with a degree in Biomedical Science, he went onto work at a web hosting company where he provided technical support and delivered server solutions to his clients. After that he went to Texas and had his sojourn in retail. Upon coming back to the UK, he got into real estate, starting out as a Property Management Associate. He later went on to establish his own Property Management Practice. From tenanting properties and dealing with maintenance issues, he went all the way to purchasing them and project managing refurbishments.

In his free time – and outside of disappointing his fellow Mancunians by having zero interest in football and supporting neither of its biggest football teams – he enjoys reading, watching films and going on long walks. He’s also quite partial to puns… the worse the better.



We're Hiring!

Our clients expect the very best, so that’s who we hire. If you want to do work that matters with a 100% remote company, we want you on our team.

Here at AMZ Pathfinder, we provide our team a fun and flexible place to work as well as ample opportunity for career development into various sectors including team leadership, specialist/technical leads and more. Want in? Head to our career page below to apply:

We’ve helped great brands reach new heights

How KeySmart 4x Amazon Ad Revenue

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How This CPG Brand Increased Annual Amazon Ad Revenue by 147%

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How We Generated 4.78x ROAS For This Sexual Wellness Brand

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How Keysmart Quadrupled (4x) Amazon Revenue in the Last 5 Years with AMZ Pathfinder

The Client:
The numbers on screen kept climbing and by midnight Michael Tunney, founder of KeySmart, destroyed his modest goal of $6,000. His Kickstarter ended with an incredible $329,862 and 8,000 pledges from eager backers. This raised a problem that the new KeySmart Team couldn’t solve on their own…

The Challenge:
The immediate growth and notoriety Michael and his team found left them spread too thin. When trying to execute Amazon advertising, their in-house marketing manager did the initial setup but he was not able to prioritize Amazon PPC.

The Solution:
AMZ Pathfinder diagnosed their business and implemented long lasting solutions that not only helped their immediate challenges, but allowed the KeySmart team to scale with practical PPC strategies.

Highlighted Results

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Ad spend
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Ad revenue

How AMZ Pathfinder helped this CPG Brand increase annual ad revenue by 147% in 2.5 years

The Client:
Bryan has been in ecommerce for the last 5 years. His CPG brand is in the health and household category selling energy-focused consumer packaged goods.

The Challenge:
We were small enough so I was doing it myself. However, we got to the point where we were getting bigger, so I had to outsource that.” – Bryan | CEO

The Solution:
With Bryan’s business being a consumer packaged product, AMZ Pathfinder understood that sales velocity, brand positioning, and CLV (customer lifetime value) is more important than just low ACoS.


Highlighted Results

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How AMZ Pathfinder Generated 4.78x ROAS For This Sexual Wellness Brand for 22 Months

The Client:
Healing & Bliss* is a US-based Amazon seller who has been in business since 2015. Their brand resides in the sexual wellness and health space.

The Challenge:
Before Healing & Bliss partnered with AMZ Pathfinder, they were having a hard time finding someone to manage and optimize their Amazon PPC advertising.

A common scenario we sometimes see as an agency is a “start and stop” approach where an in-house person will do good work executing the initial phase of an advertising strategy but will slowly drop off when it becomes clear they need sustained effort to maintain optimal performance.

The Solution:
If you know anything about selling sexual wellness products, you know that Amazon deploys stricter policies and guidelines to prevent offensive or sexually explicit content on their platform. 

Because of these standards, we swiftly coordinated, cooperated, and resolved product issues with Amazon Seller Support due to its sensitive nature (ie. adult wellness products). This resulted in us developing future-proof strategies for campaigns to avoid and prevent any future suspensions.


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