Google Ads to Amazon – Intelligently

Boost your Amazon sales by capturing high quality mid funnel customers directly from Google.  Understand your attribution granularly using Ampd’s intelligent software.

Getting the click on Amazon is challenging – but 35% of product searches begin on Google*

What does this mean for your business?

Diversifying your traffic source puts your products out of your competitors reach. Gain a competitive edge by advertising to your audience BEFORE they have reached Amazon. Utilizing the millions of daily Google visitors will help to supplement your Amazon revenue capturing and securing traffic at the source.
One of the golden rules of advertising is that the FIRST business or seller to get the click is the MOST likely to make the sale – it’s now easier than ever to be first.

Amazon will pay for a part of your google ads

A rare incentive! Amazon announced that they will pay 10% of your Google Advertising costs if you can drive a customer to their site with the Brand Referral Bonus Program.

It’s an underutilized strategy… for now

Right now, we don’t know many Amazon agencies that are offering this service to their clients – which means YOUR customers are on Google, but your competitors are not.

Advertising in 2023 is getting harder than ever before with new privacy laws and regulations, but the Amazon Brand Referral Bonus Program gives you an opportunity to reduce your CPA by up to 10%, scale your ad spend, and increase your ROI.

3 primary use cases with Google Ads for Amazon


We prioritize gaining traction for your new products, generating consistent daily sales figures and indexing for important keywords.


Coordinating with other efforts for ranking organic keywords, we run campaigns with the objective of improving your organic rank for relevant keywords. Steadily improving overall sell-thru rate and BSR.

ROI (Profit Focused)

Spend against keywords that are proven winners in Amazon advertising and explore new terms unique to Google’s search environment that will provide a consistent stream of ROI-positive sales and broaden your net.

See if your products are eligible for Google Ads with the Ampd benchmark tool

What we do differently

Full funnel thinking
Our team of experts think beyond ACoS and beyond the Amazon platform. We need consider your audience and their journey from top of funnel to bottom. How to target them and how to convert them with a well rounded solid advertising strategy including Google Ads and DSP if applicable.
Improving your Amazon business is one step away.
Clear attribution tracking
Understanding the success of your Google to Amazon ads has never been easier. Using our partner software Ampd we are able to provide granular insights down the keyword level. Attributing sales accurately like never before.
Improving your Amazon business is one step away.
Results driven
We are data minded, we look at the results and in combination with our experience we decide on the next steps. The numbers are the signal, we do not spend without cause or strategy and share the process with you transparently.
Improving your Amazon business is one step away.

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