How AMZ Pathfinder Helped Ash Increase his Average Monthly Amazon PPC Ad Revenue by 113% While Lowering ACoS

The Client:

Ash is an e-commerce business owner in the Home Decor category. Started in 2015, his business scaled to the point where he wanted to unplug from managing the Amazon PPC himself, continue building the business, and wanted to get expert help.

The Challenge:

His first hire was a freelancer who talked “the talk” but couldn’t walk “the walk.”

“The first one, it’s not really a company. It’s a person who does a lot of PPC. So I used them for a few months, and I wasn’t happy with it, and then I changed to another agency…” – Ash

He then hired a competing agency that quickly lost steam with his account. The attention that was once given to his PPC campaigns in the first 6 months faded.

Ash’s account suffered from overspend, which increased the advertising cost of sales, reduced profit and overall left Ash feeling dissatisfied with the level of service.

Ash had no choice but to end the partnership as his business needs in both the US and UK marketplaces were not being met.

He was looking for an agency to partner with who values being detail-oriented, attentive, and dedicated to improving his Amazon PPC account. This is when he decided to reach out to AMZ Pathfinder.

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The Solution:

After watching Brent Zahradnik the founder of AMZ Pathfinder give a speech at a European Teleconference, Ash was drawn to AMZ Pathfinder’s approach to pay per click (PPC) strategies on Amazon.

Ash started the conversation with us to see how we can manage his account more effectively.

Throughout the first consultation call, we learned everything important about Ash’s business, we then ran a detailed audit to verify our assessment and signed him on.

We immediately began our first steps for a smooth onboarding process:

  • Stopping any immediate dangers in his account, like campaigns that are hemorrhaging money, by setting up our bespoke onboarding ‘triage task list’.
  • Formulating his target advertising cost of sale (TACoS), taking into account Amazon’s advertising cycles.
  • Restructuring and organizing all campaigns in the account.
  • Deep research into the niche and marketplace competition


From our discovery phase, we gained several valuable insights, including:

  • His account was very disorganized in terms of campaign and ad group structure making it very difficult to channel spend to the correct products and keywords.
  • Some ad groups and keywords were actually performing quite well and had developed a long history for us to work with.
  • Discovering what campaigns to kill, what to keep, and what to improve on, aka, stripping back and slowly rebuilding the account while keeping profitable campaigns running.

“This, to me, it shows from the beginning that you guys are professional and not just someone who just started an agency out of the blue.” – Ash

From there, we quickly moved Ash from the jungle of what his campaigns had become and into the AMZ Pathfinder way of filtering and isolating good performing keywords. 

We essentially built a scalable Amazon advertising presence that’s easy to manage and report against. After the initial months and consistent optimizations were made, we came to a level that defied all of Ash’s expectations.

Read our article on the 3 Amazon Metrics That Matter to learn more about what makes an Amazon PPC campaign successful.

“…Initially, with agencies and freelancers, my total blended ACoS against the total revenue was around 30% to 25% which to me is very, very high.

So I said to Brent that I need to be below 15% and below 10% if possible. It took a few months and now we’re getting good results. It’s been really, really good.” – Ash

 The Results:

In just a few months, our expert account managers dramatically decreased Ash’s blended ACoS as low as 9%.

This reduction is of benefit to Ash because the increasing profitability and cash flow frees him up to scale other parts of his business.

We are constantly ahead of the curve. We test new features from Amazon in tandem with scaling the successful and older features.

“Video, I think, is something new that no one looked into before. I didn’t really have any expectations and surprisingly it’s been doing very, very well.” – Ash

These expectations and results would not have been possible without our glowing professionalism and open communication.

“To me, the main thing for an agency is the communication part and I think that you guys have communicated everything really, really well.

Frequent follow ups: emails and calls every month and to me, that’s very valuable.

And of course, the spreadsheet and data records that I’ve been getting, which shows how everything is performing within a single spreadsheet…

Those two are the main things for me: The communication part and also the data that you show in terms of spreadsheets and charts.” – Ash

Could your company use results like these?

We’re excited to make it happen!

Download This Case Study

Get this as a PDF presentation to share with your boss or colleagues. If you download this case study (pdf) by submitting the form, we will redirect you to a Google Drive Folder with this case study and more!

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