Why Run Google Ads For Your Amazon Products?

Many Amazon sellers are quite content with the advertising potential that Amazon’s advertising solutions provide. While there’s nothing wrong with sticking to the advertising platforms you’re used to, it’s never a bad idea to branch out and try out Google ads for your Amazon products. It’s also not a matter of getting used to how Amazon PPC works, but sticking to it doesn’t afford you a choice when it comes to using the Amazon internal ads platform if earning visibility is one of your primary goals in 2022.

While Amazon’s advertising solutions are quite sufficient, many Amazon sellers have found success by tapping into Google Ads as a means of expanding their reach and presence.

Doing this not only helps them to expand off-Amazon channels, but it gives their brands a competitive boost against businesses advertising solely on Amazon’s marketplace.

Why Run Google Ads For Your Amazon Products?

What are Google Ads? Here’s the TL;DR:

Formerly called Google Adwords, Google Ads shares similar characteristics to Amazon’s Sponsored Products Ads. In fact, much of the DNA from Sponsored ads are “borrowed” from Google Ads as it’s the far older platform.

These similarities include the use of keywords and match types and the method of bidding on ad placements for them through an auction-based PPC bidding system.

But unlike Sponsored Products Ads, Google Ads, in its name, only exist within Google search results and other Google properties, specifically above the organic search results.

Google Ads allows advertisers to target specific keywords as well as to bid on ads for better ad placements on the results page.

The common way to bid on Google Ads is through cost-per-click (CPC), which is by setting a price for the keywords on which you want to bid at auctions, and if your price is higher than everyone else’s in the auction, your ad will show.

However, your ads won’t simply gain more impressions and rank higher by simply placing a larger bid, it also depends on the competition, the relevance of your ad, your account’s historical performance, and the landing page and ad group that you use.

Google ads for amazon

Why should you use Google Ads with your Amazon Products?

Out of all the search engines available online, Google has remained the most popular that online shoppers use to make decisions about purchases. In fact, a 2018 study conducted by Google has shown that 53% of shoppers research products online before purchasing to make sure they’re making the right choice.

Your brand can take advantage of this fact by catching your potential customers’ attention early, given that most customers searching through Google are still in the initial stages of the buying process.

Potential customers searching on Amazon can be considered to be in the more advanced steps of the buying process.  Using Google Ads gives you the ability to lead them to Amazon’s marketplace directly.

By advertising through Google Ads, you’ll be able to introduce your brand to a wider range of people who are actively searching for your products.

Your advantage of being on both Google and Amazon platforms will increase your chances of not only getting potential customers to buy your products but also leaving a mark with them.

Below are some of the ways Google Ads can help you market your Amazon products even better:

  • Generate more sales and increase ranking

Google Ads relies heavily on the Google search engine and the queries of people who consult with it before they make a purchase. While some people prefer to search for products directly on Amazon, there will always be some potential customers who will start their purchasing journey outside of it, such as Google.

You don’t want to miss out on advertising to potential customers on Google simply because you’re already running Amazon ads. Advertising on Google can give you more leads which will vary depending on the number of searches that your chosen keyword generates per month on Google.

This way, you won’t only get extra earnings on the side, but having more sales will create a domino effect that will eventually lead to a boost in organic Amazon search rankings, given that sales velocity is one of the strongest ranking factors on Amazon. 

  • Small learning curve

Part of what makes Google Ads a great tool for marketing your Amazon products is the intuitiveness of its platform. If you’ve been doing Amazon PPC Ads, it won’t be a hard adjustment as they have several similarities, some of which are the terms used in the platforms as well as the workings behind creating and running Google ads. Other similarities include copywriting and the use of high-ranking keywords that convert.

What are Google Search Ads?

Similar to Amazon ads, Google ads also vary in form, function, placement, etc.

Being an advertising giant, Google offers several types of advertising formats, but we’ll focus on the one Google ad type that we’ll be running for our clients in conjunction with the Ampd software, the Search ad type.

Search ads are the text-type ads that you see on Google search results pages that are labeled as an “Ad”. This ad type allows you to advertise your brand when people search for what you offer. Whether they’re looking for your products and services via desktop or mobile, your ad can be served to audiences at any moment, potentially marking the start of their customer journey.

Advertisers are given the opportunity to pick between goals such as increasing sales or leads or driving traffic to your website or Amazon product listing/detail page. Given that it runs on PPC, you will only be charged once the audience clicks on your ad.

Google ads for amazon

Our “Google Ads for Amazon” Secret Weapon- The Ampd Ad Automation Toolkit

Helping Amazon brands make the most out of their Google Ad campaigns in the fastest and easiest way possible is our use of Ampd, a Google Ads automation toolkit.

This automation toolkit allows us to close the attribution gap between Google search advertising and our advertising efforts within Amazon. By using the APIs from both platforms, our advertising data is tied together, allowing us to integrate external paid traffic and gain more insight into the revenue and organic rank it brings to our clients.

Before Ampd can bridge automation gaps, the process needs to begin with a potential customer clicking on your Google Ad which targets specific keywords.

Then, they will be redirected to a specific Amazon Storefront or product detail page where they can make purchase decisions. Ampd steps in by creating a full attribution between the first two steps from their respective platforms.

After recording the full attribution, you can adjust your campaigns based on your target KPIs and the use case. The primary use cases include:

  • Launch (for coordinating external Google Ads traffic with internal advertising spend to increase product gain traction after product launch)
  • Rank (shares similarities with the launch use case, except the product, has been actively selling and has gained many reviews)
  • ROI (focused on profitability, spending against successful keywords on Amazon, and discovering new terms unique to Google’s search environment)

LEARN MORE about how you can improve your Storefront for external traffic or Have our expert designers build one for you!

Here are some of the primary features and benefits that Ampd offers:

Track all ASINS through ASIN attribution

Ampd allows you to set tracking across all ASIN variations to account for all sales. This way, you’ll be able to send and track traffic to Amazon Storefronts at the same time.

Scale high converting keywords on Google for your Amazon Listing

Ampd lists converting keywords on Google, helping you optimize your ad campaigns and improve ACoS. This way, you can review data, test ad campaigns, and eventually create Google Ad campaigns that convert.

Optimize campaigns with keyword-level ACOS insights

Using Amazon’s keyword-level “add to cart” and “conversion” data, you can optimize your Google Ad campaigns more effectively. You only need to focus your budget on the keywords that are performing well and ignore those that aren’t.

Take advantage of Amazon’s Brand Referral BONUS Program

For US clients, Ampd has also integrated Amazon’s Brand Referral Bonus which pays you up to 10% (on average) cashback for every qualified sale that’s been attributed from your Google Ads or any non-Amazon marketing efforts to improve their advertising efficiency.

This bonus program is Amazon’s way of rewarding brands that drive referral traffic to Amazon. Bonus rates will vary depending on the corresponding product category, additional shipping, and gift wrapping charges, and selling partners.

The bonus applies to brand-owned products that bear the Amazon Attribution tag which is tied to products that are advertised through a non-Amazon marketing effort such as Google Ads. Only brands registered with Amazon’s Brand Registry are eligible to join the bonus program.

Google ads for amazon

Need help with creating Google Ads for Amazon Products?

At AMZ Pathfinder, our Amazon advertising experts are always on the lookout to improve the ways our clients can advertise their brands on and off Amazon.

We’ve offered Amazon PPC, Amazon DSP, Amazon Storefront building, Advertising Audits, and most recently, creating and managing Google Ads for Amazon products.

When working with us as the provider of your Google Ads solutions, you can rely on us to help you achieve greater goals such as:

  • Having a reliable team with more than 15+ years of experience in Google and Amazon Advertising
  • Spreading your brand’s influence to a bigger pool of potential customers
  • Creating external tags and tag signals for your Amazon product listings
  • Earning rewards from Amazon’s Brand Referral Bonus Program through the external traffic brought by Google Ads into Amazon
  • Having an expert team that can create and manage your Google Ads, optimize your Google ad campaigns, and resolves any urgent issues that might arise
  • Receiving detailed attribution reports that track the growth of your brand

…and many more!

Results we’ve produced for our Google Ads for Amazon Products Clients

Our Google Ads for Amazon Products experts at AMZ Pathfinder have worked tirelessly to create the following results for our clients:

We have been managing this client’s Amazon Sponsored Ads for several years. When they agreed to participate in this new service of ours, in 2 months time we were able to generate an additional $128,000+ to their ad revenue, maintaining target ACoS, and spending only $0.91 cost per click.

Ready to get started?

You only need to follow 5 easy steps to get started with our Google Ads for Amazon Products service:

  1. Get in touch with us to discuss your Amazon brand and the goals you want to achieve with Google Ads
  2. Sign up with Ampd and connect it to your Google Ads account. If you don’t have an existing Google Ads account, you can create one through your Ampd account
  3. Provide the AMZ Pathfinder team with access to both your Google Ads and Ampd accounts. We will provide you with our Google Ads Manager Account ID upon signing up for our Google Ads service.
  4. If you’re not already working with us to manage your Amazon Ads, you will need to provide the AMZ Pathfinder team with access to your Amazon Advertising Console so we can see the full attribution information
  5. The AMZ Pathfinder team will conduct an audit of your Google Ads set up to help form and improve (if already existing) your strategies. If you have never run Google Ads campaigns before, then our team will audit your Amazon advertising campaigns instead to create a list of keywords to target through Google search. We will also provide estimates on spending that will be realistic for the project

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