Amazon Storefront Design Trends for 2023: Updates and Predictions

If you’re an Amazon seller, you’ll want to pay close attention to this blog post. 

In 2023, we believe that having an optimized Amazon Storefront will become a must-have for any seller looking to succeed on the platform. Amazon has been dropping hints by adding more and more features to Branded Amazon Stores, making it highly likely that Amazon will give more opportunities for sellers to rank higher and sell more through better-designed Amazon Storefronts.

In this blog, we’ll share examples, talk about the clues that Amazon has provided and outline the benefits that having a better-designed Amazon Storefront can provide for your business.

Amazon Storefront Design Trends for 2023: Updates and Predictions

HINT #1: Random organic placements of Amazon Store category pages

Amazon has included category pages of high-ranking brand stores to appear on organic search results pages that are marked as “Collections from the store”. These placements are not predetermined or controlled by Amazon, but rather are determined by a variety of factors such as:

  •  the user’s search history
  • the user’s location
  • the relevance of the category page to the user’s search

This randomness is intended to provide a more personalized shopping experience for users, by showing them relevant category pages based on their interests and search history.

HINT #2: Adding landing page capability to Sponsored Brands video

Sponsored Brands videos on Amazon are a powerful tool for promoting your brand and products to shoppers on the platform. One way to make the most of this feature is by adding Amazon Storefront landing page links to your Sponsored Brands video ads. This allows you to direct shoppers to a specific page on your Amazon Store. Also, this can be an effective way to drive traffic to your website or to a specific product page and can help you better track the effectiveness of your video campaigns.

Later on in 2022, Amazon added the “Where will my ad show” button on the Ad Preview section which shows that the ad placement will be at the Top of Search.

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HINT #3: The launch of Amazon Creative Services

Amazon Creative Services helps brands and advertisers create engaging content for the Amazon platform. This is a convenient solution for advertisers who want high-quality custom assets but may not have the necessary time, design skills, or expertise.

Through this service, Amazon sellers are given the opportunity to search, filter, and hire trusted service providers based on their specific needs, review their work samples, and easily connect with them through the advertising console to manage the entire creative process. 

These service providers include freelancers and agencies who can create Amazon Storefronts, product listings, branded content, images, videos, and other media assets for Sponsored Brand and DSP videos.

In fact, AMZ Pathfinder is one of those trusted service providers that specialize in creating high-converting Amazon Storefronts

How can your brand benefit from having an improved Amazon Storefront?

Brands that are registered in Amazon’s Brand Registry may take advantage of the following benefits of having an Amazon Storefront: 

  • Feature an entire lineup of products in a single location

Having an entire lineup of products in a single location also makes it easier for you to manage your products and inventory, as you can easily track and update product listings in one place. It allows you to showcase your entire product range to millions of potential customers on the Amazon platform, increasing your brand’s visibility and reach. It also provides convenience for your customers, as they can easily browse and purchase all of your products in one store.

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  • Market products better through media assets such as videos and images

Media assets such as high-quality images and videos can help showcase your products in a more visually appealing way. Since your products are more likely to be shown in search results and on product detail pages, having attractive media assets can increase the visibility of your products on the SERPs. They can also help communicate the features and benefits of your products more effectively, allowing customers to better understand how your products can meet their needs.

  • Segregate their products into categories

When products are segregated into specific categories, customers are able to find the products they are looking for more easily. It can help with the organization and management of products on the Storefront. Having a clear and organized structure for products can also improve the overall appearance and professionalism of the Storefront, which can help to attract more customers and build trust with potential buyers.

Overall, this can improve the overall shopping experience and increase the likelihood of a customer making a purchase.

  • Forge emotional connections through an enhanced brand image

Creating high-quality and attractive images and videos is easy, but creating media assets that move the customers’ emotions is on a different level of creativity. By presenting a professional and cohesive image, a Storefront can help build trust with customers and establish a strong brand identity. In addition, using customer reviews and ratings can also help to create an emotional connection with customers. 

Highlighting positive reviews and ratings can also help a Storefront demonstrate the value and quality of its products to potential buyers, which later on builds customer loyalty and trust. Another way it helps is by using customer-centric language in product descriptions and marketing materials which demonstrates a genuine interest in the customers’ needs and preferences.

  • Announce seasonal campaigns and promotions

You can keep up with the holiday season by displaying promotions and seasonal campaign images on banner images and headers on your Storefront’s home page. These banner images can be used to promote special sales or discounts on specific products or categories and can be updated frequently to reflect the latest promotions. 

Another way to announce seasonal campaigns and promotions is through the use of email marketing. Amazon has recently introduced Customer Engagement, a marketing email tool that allows you to send emails to users who have followed your brand page. This feature enables you to engage with your followers, send out newsletters or promotional emails to announce new products and other special offers, and target specific customer segments or to promote specific products or categories.

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  • Gain more insight through comprehensive analytics

Store Analytics provides valuable insights into the performance of a store and its products. These analytics can help sellers understand how their products are performing in terms of sales and customer engagement. They can also provide information on customer demographics, such as location, age, and gender. It can provide data on the most popular keywords and search terms used by customers, as well as insights into which marketing strategies are most effective in driving traffic to the Storefront. 

This information can help sellers optimize their listings, improve their marketing efforts, and make informed decisions about which products to stock and how to price them. Overall, the analytics provided by Amazon Storefront can be a valuable tool for sellers looking to improve the performance of their store and increase their sales on the platform.

  • Access to Amazon Posts and Shoppable Images

Amazon Posts and shoppable images can be a valuable marketing tool for sellers on Amazon Storefront. Amazon Posts are short-form content pieces that can be used to showcase products and promote sales. These posts can be shared on the Storefront’s homepage, as well as on the seller’s Amazon profile page and on social media platforms. They can include images, videos, and text, and can be used to highlight the features and benefits of products, as well as to announce promotions and sales.

Shoppable images are images that include tags that allow customers to click on specific products within the image and be directed to the product page to make a purchase. This can be a particularly effective marketing technique for products that are part of an ensemble or are used in a specific setting or scenario, as it allows customers to visualize the products in context and see how they can be used. 

Overall, Amazon Posts and shoppable images can help to increase visibility for products and drive sales on an Amazon Storefront.

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Amazon Storefront Design Trends for 2023: Updates and Predictions

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