Why We Help Clients Spend Against Their Brand Name On Amazon

At Pathfinder, a question we often hear from clients is “why should we spend against keywords for our brand name?”

The implication here is that clients feel like their money might be wasted doing this. In many cases, their products are already ranking well organically for these keywords.

Yet, we strongly believe in maintaining active campaigns for both branded keywords and even specific product names for a variety of reasons. Doing so is part of our process here at Pathfinder.

It’s a part of our process we’re confident enough in that we remove branded ad revenue from client billing.

Why We Help Clients Spend Against Their Brand Name On Amazon

Here’s why we help clients spend against their brand names, and why you should consider doing the same.

Spend Against Branded Keywords To Control Your Message

The first reason companies on Amazon should be spending against their branded keywords is to control their brand name and exposure. By bidding against your branded terms with products that you select you secure control over where you send those shoppers.

Want to promote your top selling products? Go ahead. Want get exposure for newer products that those searching for your brand name might not know about? Absolutely possible. Change your message whenever needed.

As we can control traffic flow for individual search terms, it’s possible to be very specific with the queries you’re bidding for too.

Here’s an example: if you’re selling a blender and someone searches “Better Living Blender” you can run ads for that specific product against that search. You wouldn’t want to send them to the toaster because it decreases your chances of converting that sale.

Learn other ways to increase your company’s revenue.

Own Branded Keyword Search Results And Make It Difficult For Competitors

If you have traction in your marketplace, competitors will often bid against your brand and even product-specific names in an effort to divert shoppers away from your products.

If you aren’t bidding on your own brand, someone else’s products will be showing up in the paid positions above your organic results providing a tempting alternative.

Keeping competitors off of your brand name SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is a savvy defense move that has the added bonus of making their aCPC (average Cost Per Click) higher. Now any competitor will have to compete with your highly relevant listing in the ad auction.

Here’s a true story that illustrates this point well

I told a friend about a mobile phone accessory that I’d recently purchased. I explicitly mentioned the brand name multiple times and told him to search for it by that brand. He was interested in the accessory’s functionality so I thought it’d be a good buy for him.

The next time I saw him I asked how he was enjoying the accessory. I learned he had bought a very similar product but from a different brand. After searching Amazon by the brand name I mentioned, he simply clicked on the first result.

This happened to be a well-targeted paid placement from a competitor who effectively stole the traffic. They got a high purchasing-intent buyer to buy THEIR product from a search for the other brand.

My friend acted like a lot of buyers. They take a trusted recommendation, search, and then click on the first result after seeing what appears to be the right product.

This shows the importance of the next point.

Spending Against Brand Helps Capture High Quality Traffic Likely To Convert

Amazon has become the most used purchasing search engine. It’s where and when shoppers looking for a specific brand are primed to make a purchase.

These shoppers are already acquainted with your company and just need that final push to the finish line. They are further along in the buying cycle than other shoppers using more generic terms and they know you have what they want.

You need to make sure you appear in front of these shoppers at this crucial moment to lower your ACoS

Cost Per Click Is Inexpensive And CTR Is High

Thanks to generally low competition, branded terms are usually cheap. Since your products are see as highly relevant by the ad auction process, you’ll be able to bid lower in order to earn the same impressions and clicks that competitors are paying more for.

You don’t have to break the bank in order to dominate your branded SERP. These keywords should also earn some of the highest CTR (click thru rate) possible since results are so aligned with customer searches.

When it comes to campaign performance, the higher the CTR the better—as Amazon uses it as a signal to determine relevance.

Here is some data from a single brand inside a client account over a recent 60-day time period: Their non-branded advertising aCPC is $1.80 whereas that for branded ad spend is only $0.37 and during this time frame ran at 3.91% ACoS. At this aCPC the branded keywords are a bargain as less than $250 in ad spend has resulted in roughly $6,300 of ad revenue.

How Branded Keywords Fit Into The Pathfinder Approach

At Pathfinder, we build out campaigns targeting our clients’ brand name. Throughout, we monitor data to understand meaningful search volume on whatever Amazon marketplaces where products are sold.

We create entirely new Brand campaigns in order to more easily allocate spend and break out ad revenue from branded terms for analysis and reporting.

In these brand campaigns, we house ad groups for different products (depending on the data we have) with phrase-match keywords pulled from branded search terms seen in the account.

We also use phrase-match to catch related queries that might surface but are still brand related, and use negative keywords to block important generic or category keywords we are advertising for elsewhere to keep our data properly segmented.

It’s important to pay close attention to how the branded queries align with the products they’re advertising. We track results and optimize as we would for any other campaign.

As we said in the intro, we remove branded ad revenue from the 1.5% of ad revenue we calculate when billing clients because we believe so strongly in this.

Find Out How We Grow Clients’ Businesses Through Branded Keyword Spend

Still skeptical? Try our approach and make an effort to focus all branded ad spend into distinct campaigns. Chances are you are already spending against branded terms, but in campaigns where effects are less clear.

Often that’s because those search terms are combined with generic and category keywords. If you isolate them in their own campaigns, the bottom line benefits will become clear.

We notice that accounts with a big chunk of branded search terms with active spend are typically those with greater brand awareness and overall consistent sales success. It is a profitable cycle that can be helped along by advertising efforts.

We’ve followed the Amazon advertising space for years now—through client campaigns of all kinds. Including Amazon businesses in the German market.

This is an absolute must for sellers and something we do with all of our clients. Contact us today for more information on how we can help your operation with advanced advertising strategies.

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Why We Help Clients Spend Against Their Brand Name On Amazon

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