What is Amazon marketing cloud and how to efficiently implement it – Brent Zahradnik – EP# 176

Vincenzo Toscano, founder and CEO of Ecomcy and Brent Zahradnik on an episode discusses Amazon PPC strategies and the new Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC).

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In this conversation, Vincenzo Toscano, founder and CEO of Ecomcy, and Brent Zahradnik discuss Amazon PPC strategies and the new Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC). Brent, an expert in leveraging AMC, shares insights into its capabilities and applications for Amazon sellers. AMC is a comprehensive data storage tool for Amazon advertising activities, allowing sellers to query a vast array of data, including user interactions with ads, using SQL. It is privacy-safe and currently available primarily to North American sellers with substantial ad spend, particularly in Demand Side Platforms.

Brent emphasizes AMC’s complexity and steep learning curve and suggests that most sellers would benefit from partnering with agencies or third-party tools for effective utilization. AMZ Pathfinder uses a hybrid approach, combining in-house expertise with third-party tools like XPN and Intentwise. AMC’s capabilities extend beyond Amazon’s ecosystem, allowing sellers to integrate external data for more comprehensive insights.

One intriguing feature of AMC is its ability to track users who have seen but not interacted with ads, enabling targeted retargeting strategies. They also discuss the potential of AMC in providing benchmarks against broader category data, helping sellers understand their performance relative to the market.

Check out this informative session and learn valuable tips and strategies from the vast experience and deep understanding of the Amazon marketplace!

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