Our Team

Brent Zahradnik – Founder

Brent started AMZ Pathfinder in 2015. Brent’s friend was selling on Amazon and he knew Brent had experience with advertising, so Brent started to help. 

This was the early days of Amazon advertising and they quickly saw unbelievable ROI… nearly 500x. They were spending less than 30 cents per click and making $89 on each sale. 

That’s when Brent realized that he had the power to help so many other Amazon businesses grow revenue and optimize their advertising. 

Since then, he’s witnessed firsthand each and every update that Amazon has implemented. 

Throughout the years he’s updated the tactics and processes Pathfinder uses to adapt to the changes Amazon makes. 

Now, he works with a growing team of experts to provide clients in the North American and EU marketplaces the best advertising service possible.

Laura – Chief Operations Officer

Laura, from Manchester, England, is our COO and client relationship manager. She works with our clients to understand their needs and to ensure that they are met or exceeded. 

She works directly with our team to turn client requests into action. 

She has a BSc in Cell and Molecular Biology and a PhD in Molecular Biology and is hyper-detailed, always on the hunt for new knowledge. 

She loves meeting new people and providing top-notch service.

Martin - Chief Advertising Strategist

Martin honed his PPC skills at one of the biggest advertising agencies in Macedonia before joining Pathfinder in 2016, and has seen the industry evolve since then. 

He has worked with accounts that spend up to $100,000 a month and have thousands of SKUs so his thinking is scale-focussed.

Martin sets the direction on advertising strategy and tactics, evaluation of new software tools and testing new features as soon as Amazon releases them.

Matt - Chief Marketing Officer

Matt has 10+ years of diverse digital marketing experience. 

From direct response for e-commerce, managing $10,000/day on Facebook advertising, to course creation for consultants and YouTubers, he’s managed to become a seasoned full-stack digital marketer in the last decade.

Now working remotely, he sees the future in distributed teams and runs The Remotise Podcast, a podcast dedicated to helping others find work online, working anywhere in the world, and news about remote work culture.

Marko - Senior DE Account Manager

Marko is our lead native German speaker and brings years of Amazon advertising experience to the team. 

He is constantly testing cutting-edge tactics and is focussed on continuous improvement and skill acquisition as it relates to all things Amazon. 

In his free time, he can be found taking photos and doing all sorts of adventures – motorcycle trips, hiking up volcanos and swimming with Hammerhead sharks – the usual stuff.

Marco - Senior IT Account Manager

Hailing from southern Italy, Marco has a Masters’s degree in European Linguistics and Literature and has a work history of SEO copywriting, translation and Amazon marketing. 

Versatile but rigorous in his work, he brings a more academic approach to AMZ Pathfinder. He is fluent in 5 languages, two of which – Italian and Spanish – are those he uses in his work on Amazon. 

He plays multiple instruments and makes tomato sauce and wine in his free time.

Zeljko - Senior Account Manager

Zeljko has worked in the digital marketing space for almost a decade with ample experience in PPC on multiple platforms, Native advertising, Programmatic advertising, and DSPs. 

He’s also passionate about SEO. With a Masters’s degree in marketing and an assistant professorship at the same University, he’s well-qualified to take charge of accounts to the benefit of our clients.

Before joining AMZ Pathfinder he worked with an Amazon account with ~$500,000 in annual ad spend for 2 years.

Besides his native Serbian and fluent English he speaks Russian and Dutch, loves to travel and takes every opportunity to explore exotic new locales including North Korea.

Samy - Senior FR Account Manager

Self-taught in the art of PPC before going legit and getting certified (Google and now Amazon), Samy honed his skills at a leading Growth Marketing agency and acquired a bird’s-eye view of online marketing opportunities. 

Possessing an analytical mind with a creative twist he is at home diving into spreadsheets, but just as comfortable writing incisive ad copy. 

Despite being raised in Marseille, he doesn’t follow football.

Reymond - Head of Reporting and Account Manager

Reymond has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and 4 years of experience working with a manufacturing company in a System Application Products role in the Philippines before getting into online work thanks to the influence of his fiancée. 

An expert in Excel, VBA scripting, and Macros his creations power much of the reporting, data visualization and internal Excel tools we use at Pathfinder. 

In late 2019 he expanded his role to managing client accounts directly.

Regine - Head of Finances and Account Manager

Regine has been in the accounting industry for more than seven years and uses her expertise to handle all things numbers and finance for the AMZ Pathfinder team. 

Since joining Pathfinder she’s taken those same analytical skills and put them to good use in the world of advertising data and now delivers consistent results for client accounts. 

Regine lives in the Philippines, where she enjoys reading books, watching baseball and traveling.

Chris - Account Manager

Chris follows the mantra: always be adaptable, always be learning. 

He left the corporate world in his native Canada where he worked in finance in order to find more balance and flexibility in life. 

That is when he began honing his skills in Facebook & Google ads, Kindle publishing, E-Commerce, blogging and now Amazon PPC. Eating and traveling are his main passions.

Sofia - Account Manager

Sofia has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and after years working in FMCG companies such as Nestle and Colgate in Mexico, she moved to Switzerland and got involved in remote work in different projects in Web and Social Management, Facebook Ads and Linguistics. She speaks Spanish, German and English, all languages she currently uses at Pathfinder. She lives and travels between USA and Mexico, and enjoys every chance to visit new places.

Armando - Account Manager

Born in Panama, Armando has a B.A. in International Affairs. 

Bilingual in both Spanish and English, he’s managed to work in diverse fields such as humanitarian work, retail and online freelancing. 

He’s more recently taken on the challenge of managing all Spanish-language Amazon advertising accounts. 

When he’s not working you can find him running or riding his bike.

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