Our Team

  • Brent Zahradnik started AMZ Pathfinder in 2015. Brent’s friend was beginning to sell on Amazon and he knew Brent had experience with advertising, so Brent started to help.

    Immediately, they saw unbelievable ROI… nearly 500x. They were spending less than 30 cents per click and making $89 on each sale.

    That’s when Brent realized that he had the power to help so many other Amazon suppliers increase their sales and optimize their business.

    So he did.

    Since then, he’s witnessed firsthand each and every update that Amazon has implemented. Throughout the years, he tweaks and updates his process based on the changes Amazon makes.

  • Shortly after, Brent hired his first employee… Martin.

    Martin is an optimization wizard. He learned his skills at one of the biggest advertising agencies in Macedonia, and he knows the tools and industry like the back of his hand. Since starting at AMZ Pathfinder, he’s worked with accounts that spend up to $20,000 a month…and they all see incredible returns.

  • After Martin, Marko joined the AMZ Pathfinder team. A native German speaker who handles our accounts in the .de market, Marko also brings to the team a depth of AMS experience and is constantly testing cutting-edge tactics with those ad types. Marko strives each day to continuously improve and accounts under his watch are proof of that. He is passionate about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and can be found examining charts on Coin Market Cap.

  • Hailing from southern Italy Marco holds a degree in European Linguistics and Literature and a work history of SEO copywriting, translation and Amazon marketing. Versatile but thorough in his work he brings a more academic approach to AMZ Pathfinder. He is fluent in 5 languages, two of which – Italian and Spanish – are those he uses in his work on Amazon.

  • Anna is our project manager and all around problem solver with 6+ years of experience in a variety of roles including Business Development, Human Resources, Operations, and Sales. In more recent years she’s taken on Amazon customer support, marketing, and sales roles in the EU marketplaces. Anna’s significant energy and creative abilities help her turn chaos into order and when she’s not busy doing that she loves to sing, write books, and travel extensively.

    AMZ Pathfinder is always looking for new explorers to join the team!

    If you’re curious, autonomous, and want front row seats to this rapidly growing field at a fast growing company, get in touch by clicking

AMZ Pathfinder is Always looking for new explorers