The 5 Most Powerful Tools We Use for Amazon PPC

The 5 Most Powerful Tools We Use for Amazon PPC

When it comes to Amazon PPC management, our PPC knowledge and in-house strategies are all about improving client accounts. But what helps AMZ Pathfinder run so smoothly? Other than the amazing team, we rely on our software tech stack and various Amazon PPC Tools on a daily basis to communicate and report to our clients, coordinate our work together as a team, and implement procedures, tactics, and strategies that ensure the success of our clients.

We get questions about the tools and software we use as an Amazon PPC management agency all the time. Even though we are laser-focused on being an advertising agency, these tools can be used for any service business as well as ecommerce businesses selling on Amazon.

In this article, we will discuss how we use some of the best Amazon-related software and general communication tools to achieve daily success for our clients.


If your goal is to research new products, conduct keyword or competitor research and optimize your product listing to its fullest potential, then finding a better tool than Helium10 will be hard.
With an innovative and ever-expanding set of features, Helium10 is, in our assessment, the most well-rounded Amazon PPC tools currently on the market.

At AMZ Pathfinder we use just some of the tools available in Helium10. We frequently use the keyword research tools Cerebro and Magnet, the listing optimization tools Frankenstein and Index Checker, and the analytics tools Keyword Tracker and Market Tracker.

These help us with a range of different tasks such as doing extensive keyword research, analyzing competitors and the competitive landscape, optimizing backend search terms and assessing listing quality and indexing for keywords.

We sometimes track our clients product keyword rank when running experiments, or use the Chrome plugin to help us gather targets for various types of ASIN targeting campaigns. Helium10 allows us to quickly execute on these tactics with grace.

Helium10 contains a whole suite of 20+ Amazon tools, which makes it incredibly versatile and a great value. Better yet, in late 2020 Helium10 purchased Prestozon and with their combined resources and talent we can’t wait to see what killer features they will come out with next.


Prestozon has been our Amazon Advertising management software of choice for 3 years. While we still do plenty of work on client accounts using the Advertising Console interface and Bulk Operations files, we believe that any agency should use software that hooks directly into the API to handle components of management that are better done with automation and offload the heavier mathematical aspects to custom rules and algorithms.

With Prestozon in our Amazon PPC toolbox we are free to shift our focus towards account strategy, planning and implementing new tactics, and bigger-picture thinking. It allows us, through automation, to elevate our PPC management to the next level.

At AMZ Pathfinder we’ve integrated use of Prestozon into the culture of our company. The software is flexible enough to adapt to the various strategies that we use depending on the needs of the client account. When new team members are being trained learning the ins and outs of Prestozon is a major part of their onboarding.

In addition to the management piece, Prestozon provides incredible analytics for all that valuable data being surfaced as a result of our advertising efforts. We are able to customize graphs to better understand trends at the account level, all the way down to the keyword and individual bid level, and look far back into the history of the account in a way that is simply not possible through the Advertising Console.

One of our favorite features is called the search term chart. This tool allows us to examine where impressions for a specific search term have occurred across the whole account over a specified time period, ensuring that we are channeling ad impressions to the right campaigns and reducing search term duplication.

Also included are features like a complete bid history and performance chart per keyword, algorithmic or ruled-based migration of search terms though different campaigns, bid adjustment automation or suggested changes based on target ACoS % settings, and in general any new features released by Amazon are quickly integrated and supported by the software not long after they come out.

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Slack has become synonymous with remote team communication in the last 5 years. There have been others trying to compete in the same space like Microsoft and Facebook, but we’ve found more reasons to love Slack than these other platforms. Despite the pending purchase by Salesforce, we still think they are the leader of the pack.

Now you might be wondering why we are even talking about Slack when it comes to our tech stack. The truth is that even though it’s not an Amazon PPC tool, this is the single most used software in terms of “time spent” for those on the AMZ Pathfinder team. It is where our culture lives and is the nexus through which all of our communications flow. We try as a team to reduce the use of email as much as possible and Slack is the modern solution to this problem.

Not only is it great for the team, but it’s a great tool to have direct conversations with our clients. If you’re an ecommerce brand that also uses Slack, we can connect with you and your team through it so you have direct access to us.

This direct line of communication facilitates very fast communication and execution on client requests. Since Slack is asynchronous in nature it ensures that no matter the time zones we’re communicating across everyone on the team is up to date as soon as they navigate to the right channel.

We pride ourselves on our strong communication which is one of the things that sets us apart from other agencies. It’s not only important to partner up with our clients but it’s also important that we are incorporated in your team like an in-house department as you are with ours. It’s important that our clients feel like we’re an in-house advertising team for their brand.

We believe in consistent, clear and structured communication to keep up with the quickly evolving marketplace.


We think of Tettra as our ‘shared company brain’. It’s a kind of modern wiki tool where we keep our growing collection of in-house procedures, processes, and key knowledge that we use to train and educate the team, guide our thinking and document anything we’ll need to do more than once. It’s an essential library housing our agencies ‘secret-sauce’ tactics as well as organizing key data and archiving important communications.

We’ve found that having a central point of truth is an essential part of ensuring consistency in the work we deliver as a growing team. Tettra helps us maintain that consistency as well as providing a space to iterate on standard operating procedures in constant use for daily PPC management.

We have 11 categories ranging from operations, marketing, and finance to DSP (Amazon’s Demand Side Platform display ads service), PPC training, and the ‘Client Area’. We’ve more recently added sections that go into time management, mindset and personal development topics for the team.

In the past used Google Sites, a free wiki site builder that comes with a GSuite subscription, but upgraded to Tettra after learning about it from another successful agency. Continuing to expand our Tettra library is one of our key initiatives in 2021. It’s intuitive with organizing all in-house knowledge in one place.


One of the biggest hurdles when reporting for clients is extracting accurate and timely data from their accounts and displaying it in a customizable and legible fashion. This is especially true with clients selling in multiple Amazon marketplaces that have to deal with different currencies and formatting challenges in the dataset. Our integration with Tableau gives us an edge on reporting any way we see fit or need at that time.

Tableau is an interactive data visualization software that allows you to plug into a database and analyze your data in the way that makes the most sense to you and your specific needs.

We use Tableau paired with Prestozon analytics to give us a comprehensive understanding of what is going on in client accounts so we can make better informed optimization decisions.

Since we have years of data in the tool we can also look at past performance and benchmark based on time of year or holiday periods.

For example, by looking at the 2019 holiday period we were able to anticipate when we’d see a drop in search demand and conversion rate, allowing us to make proactive changes to budgets and bids instead of merely reacting to marketplace conditions after the fact. The end result being less confusion and more actionable insights made accessible on time.

Not only that, Tableau also helps with in-house reporting. Whether determining the effectiveness of specific strategies, quarterly reports, or satisfying our curiosity about aggregate trends derived from data across all client accounts, Tableau can easily manipulate the data to serve those needs.

If Tettra is the ‘brain of the company’ and Slack our communication hub, Tableau is the all-in-one data store for analysis and reporting of client account data.

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Project management only gets more complicated the bigger your team gets. That’s why we ditched Trello and Asana for a more robust application with Teamwork. At the time, Teamwork had features the other platforms didn’t have like documentation storage for client accounts, account notes, prime focuses, key information, etc..

Within Teamwork, we stay accountable with client accounts by creating a base framework of tasks such as:

  • managing optimization tasks
  • account check ups
  • reporting
  • automate recurring tasks
  • assess account health
  • budget allocation
  • several types of audits
  • keyword research
  • campaign launches
  • etc.

These tasks serve as our basic framework for account optimization but account managers are expected to go above and beyond using their judgement and expertise. We also assign our account managers to accomplish new training certifications tasks to keep the company up to speed and ahead of the changing Amazon PPC landscape.

It can be as simple as ‘read this article’ or ‘listen to this podcast episode,’ but sometimes requires hours of taking a course to complete a new certification. Every company may have their own version of task management, but this is how we do it at AMZ Pathfinder.

Our Complete Tech/Software Stack?

These are the major Amazon PPC tools we use to run our agency. We do have one off web apps or pieces of software for specific tasks but the ones mentioned above are our daily drivers. If you have any questions about how we can help your brand scale with Amazon PPC, schedule a call and we’ll be happy to discuss further!

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