How to Increase Annual Amazon Ad Revenue by 147% in 2.5 years – Case Study

The Client: Bryan has been in ecommerce for the last 5 years. His brand is in the health and household category selling energy-focused consumer packaged goods. Before hiring AMZ Pathfinder, Bryan’s company had less than 5 employees and was only pulling an annual 6-figure revenue. Because Amazon makes up the bulk of his annual revenue, Bryan managed his Amazon PPC ads himself. The Challenge:
“We were small enough so I was doing it myself. However, we got to the point where we were getting bigger, so I had to outsource that.” Bryan Amazon Seller | Health & Household Category
After meeting Brent Zahradnik, founder of AMZ Pathfinder, in New York, he wanted to get started right away.
“He seemed trustworthy, knowledgeable, and interested. So that’s what got me interested in working with him.”
To Bryan, working with AMZ Pathfinder was not just about improving ad performance out of the gate. It was about hiring somebody who’s knowledgeable in the space and can comfortably take over ad campaigns and expand on them in a way in which they were profitable.

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  The Solution: Bryan was looking for a team that knows what they’re doing, taking over their Amazon PPC advertising and trusting in their work. What did success look like to Bryan?
  • Maintaining an ACOS that was acceptable for his team. Because Bryan was running his own Amazon PPC for over a year, he understood what it took to achieve good performances from his account.
  • Being flexible and ready to scale the account into new advertising features or opportunities on the platform like DSP, new marketplaces, sponsored brands, etc.
  • Bi-weekly account reporting + updates to PPC strategy every time Amazon releases a new feature or updates to sponsored ads or product display ads.
Since 2016, AMZ Pathfinder has launched over 200+ campaigns in accordance with in-house best practices, expanding and updating our strategy that’s tailored to fit Bryan’s business the best. With Bryan’s business being a consumer packaged product, AMZ Pathfinder understood that sales velocity, brand positioning, and CLV (customer lifetime value) is more important than just low ACoS.

The Results:

Staying committed, improving advertising, and experimenting with profitable strategies allow Bryan’s business to scale with a dedicated PPC team scaling alongside him. 165% increase in overall impressions from 2018 to 2019 and 2020’s ad sales have already matched 2019’s before the Q4 holidays. Over the last 2.5 years, Bryan’s sales totaled over $1.5 million in sales, spending $750,000 in Amazon PPC advertising managed by the team at AMZ Pathfinder. Using AMZ Pathfinder’s strategy for the whole funnel as well as working on both revenue and awareness strategies, makes Bryan’s brand a recognized leader in the energy consumables/supplement industry. Bryan is one of AMZ Pathfinder’s oldest clients. AMZ Pathfinder is dedicated to partnering with companies for the long haul.
“you guys were able to help us scale as we came out with more products. It would’ve been too difficult to do it by ourselves. Amazon PPC is the number one driving force for our business in terms of revenue. So we definitely trust you guys a lot because it’s really what’s driving our business– there’s no question about it. We trust your judgement to make the right decisions and to understand the space which opens the capacity for us to just spend our time doing other things.” Bryan Amazon Seller | Health & Household Category
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