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What Do I Do When My Amazon PPC Has Hit The Point of Diminishing Returns? [The PPC Den Podcast]

What Do I Do When My Amazon PPC Has Hit The Point of Diminishing Returns

When it comes to Amazon PPC advertising, there comes a time when the returns you receive become significantly low.

What strategies and techniques are available to make sure your budget doesn’t go to waste and your returns remain profitable?

In this episode of AdBadger’s The PPC Den Podcast, Michael Erickson-Facchin (PPC Den Podcast host) and Brent Zahradnik (Founder of AMZ Pathfinder) talk about the many ways you can reduce your advertising budget without sacrificing your Amazon PPC sales such as making requests to your Amazon representative, strategically reducing your Amazon PPC budget without losing sales, making small bid changes, practicing techniques in SQPD and Brand Analytics, and many more!

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