What Brand Halo? The Sponsored Brands Attributed Purchase Report [The PPC Den Podcast]

Amazon PPC What you Intended to sell vs what sold

The launch of Amazon’s latest Sponsored Brands Attributed Purchase Report grants sellers valuable knowledge about customers’ engagement with their ads. Although it does not explicitly identify the keywords that result in purchases, it takes us one step closer to that objective by providing a perspective on how people interact with your creatives. By understanding how customers interact with your ads, you can optimize your campaigns and drive better results.

In this episode of Adbadger’s The PPC Den podcast, host, Michael Facchin and Brent Zahradnik from AMZ Pathfinder discuss everything you need to know about this new report, including how to access it, why it exists, and how it implicates Total ACoS. They also explore how the report can help you gain insights into consumer behavior and optimize your ad campaigns.

Topics covered in the podcast include the breakdown of attribution type and purchase ASIN, the role of Brand Halo, and how to use insights from the Pivot Table among many others. They also take a deep dive into the limitations of the report and what it’s still lacking.

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