Top 35 Recommended Amazon PPC Content Creators

Starting your Amazon PPC journey requires an immense amount of time, effort, and concentration for you to be able to grasp all the information you’ll be studying.

When it comes to Amazon content, the internet will never run out of content creators who are more than willing to provide valuable information to their audience. These content creators have different expertise, making Amazon content abundant in different platforms and formats such as podcasts, vlogs, tweets, blogs, and newsletters. But with the wide range of content available online, it can be difficult to pick which expert to listen to. After all, not everyone will have the same content. 

But who delivers the most value to their audience? 

Who knows everything around their niche best? 

Who’s in the know about the latest news and best practices?

Best of all, who can you trust the most?

To help you make that decision, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best Amazon PPC experts and the platforms they communicate with…

Top 35 Recommended Amazon PPC Content Creators



Created by a group of people who are solely dedicated to the pursuit of Amazon PPC knowledge, the Ad Badger team has made it their goal to build a community that shares advanced strategies and educational resources related to Amazon. To further build that community of Amazon enthusiasts, the Ad Badger team created the PPC Den Podcast.

Known as one of the best Amazon FBA podcasts around, the PPC Den Podcast is a great source of updated resources that can help Amazon sellers and advertisers alike. Their podcast covers a wide variety of topics from growing your Amazon team to using Amazon’s budgeting rules. From beginners to advanced Amazon enthusiasts, the PPC Den Podcast has all the lessons you need.

The Seller Sessions podcast creates content that’s perfect for experienced Amazon FBA Sellers. Danny McMillan, the podcast’s host, discusses the latest Amazon trends in a no-nonsense way, keeping his listeners focused. Danny also hosts the Seller Sessions Live event each year in the UK. This live event offers an insightful learning experience and gives event goers new and exciting ideas to try on their own. Seller Sessions live welcomes every type of Amazon seller eager to learn more about the eCommerce platform better.

If it’s tried and tested Amazon FBA selling tips you need, it’s the Serious Seller Podcast you need to listen to. Hosted by Bradley Sutton, this podcast offers relevant and updated tips on Amazon selling. He often interviews top eCommerce sellers who share impactful opinions and strategies for new and experienced Amazon sellers. He even provides educational how-to videos that teach sellers how to gain more eCommerce sales on platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, and etc.

Growing your Amazon FBA business? The ECommerce Braintrust podcast allows its listeners to take a peek inside some of the world’s best brains in eCommerce success. Hosted by Kiri Masters, this podcast aims to help online entrepreneurs own their eCommerce businesses and turn them into established consumer brands. Listen to inspirational stories, effective Amazon strategies, and educational interviews for becoming a great Amazon seller when you listen to the ECommerce BrainsTrust podcast today.

Founded by Scott Needham, the CEO of BuyBOxer, The Smartest Amazon Seller (*in the room) podcast takes a deep dive into the technicalities behind selling winning products online, Amazon selling strategies, hiring virtual assistants, creating Amazon ads that convert, and many more. He’s also on YouTube and on Spotify.


Known for giving the eCommerce experience without the fluff, the EcomCrew Podcast gives actionable eCommerce advice that guarantees great results. As proof of their great success, many million-dollar business owners are subscribed to their newsletter. Their podcast covers everything from branding, niche selection, marketing, shipping strategies, supply chain issues, growth opportunities, success stories, and many other burning marketing topics.



Being a full-time Amazon PPC Manager has enabled Lucas Kwiatkowski to help smaller Amazon sellers become better at marketing their products. He currently manages several 6-8-figure clients hands-on, helping them with advanced Amazon PPC insights daily. His YouTube channel teaches his audience how to manage Amazon PPC tasks at a beginner level, manage Amazon PPC Ad budgets, create Amazon PPC campaigns, increase conversions, reach goals and targets, and everything that has to do with Amazon advertising.

When it comes to straightforward online business training, Dan Rodgers is your guy. He specialized in straight-to-the-point, no fluff online business training that’s effective and free without trying to hard-sell anything. In his YouTube channel, he shares his knowledge on topics like shipping, product research, sourcing, and launching, handling Amazon FBA inventory, paying taxes for Amazon businesses, Amazon selling strategies, Amazon PPC tutorials, best Amazon software for sellers, and many others. He also hosts a podcast called, The Rodcast, where he interviews Amazon professionals about their real-life stories, rough journeys, and ideologies.

Best known as a facilitator of online and live events for Amazon sellers, Orange Klik conducts interviews with world-renowned professionals in the Amazon selling, software, and service industries. They demo several tools for managing Amazon FBA tasks and discuss a vast majority of topics surrounding listing optimization for international marketplaces, sourcing products, Amazon PPC, and succeeding in Amazon selling. 

Brandon M. Young is a well-known 8-figure Amazon Seller and an award-winning Amazon consultant who runs a successful course on Amazon Private Label. He also hosts Masterclasses for Amazon FBA, Amazon product selection and optimization, and Amazon PPC. His YouTube videos centered around the subjects of Amazon Private Label news, seller systems, Amazon FBA, powerful Amazon selling software, and many other Amazon Private Label training.

Helping Amazon sellers succeed through their Amazon Advertising Optimization platform is Intentwise. Through their intuitive software, Intentwise is able to recommend and automate the tasks that Amazon advertisers and agencies do on a daily basis. Through Intentwise’s competitive intelligence and simplified reporting, analyzing Amazon advertising budgets and campaigns is a breeze. On YouTube, they educate Amazon advertisers through interviews with knowledgeable Amazon Ad professionals who are keen to share their experiences, insights, and effective strategies and techniques.

My Amazon Guy runs an Amazon agency that helps Amazon sellers grow their business and hack sales by improving conversion rates and online store traffic. Their agency deals with PPC, Catalog Merchandising, SEO, Design, and many more.  In their YouTube channel, they discuss several problem-solving strategies that most Amazon sellers encounter. Other topics they’ve covered on their channel include Amazon Global Logistics, product pricing, Amazon coaching calls, business product insurance, Amazon FBA feature requests, split testing, Amazon SEO, and many other Amazon-related training.



Michael Patrón is an 8-figure Amazon seller who shares Amazon selling tips, logistics, algorithm, pricing, and several thoughts and ideas about great products, self-reflection, and interesting stories about his business and employees.

Molson Hart is the CEO of VIAHART, a Texas-based company that designs and manufactures children’s educational toys. Their brands, Brain Flakes®, Goodminton®, and Tiger Tale Toys™ have been featured in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal and are considered among the biggest best sellers on Amazon. On Twitter, Molson talks about eCommerce laws, supply chain, success, and the occasional witty jokes.

Gopal Kolli is an entrepreneur and the Director of eCommerce at Levi’s. He often tweets about Amazon’s fashion niche, eCommerce logistics, eCommerce aggregation, Amazon bestsellers, Amazon software, and various Amazon brand news.

Ramon van Meer is Boostrap Founder and CEO of Alpha Paw and PetCanva. On his Twitter, you’ll find him tweeting about Amazon traffic, selling, traffic sources, SEO, marketing, scaling, customer service, and his own brand of dog products, Alpha Paw.

Also known as “The DTC CEO”, Drew Sanocki has more than 20 years of experience running 3 x 9-figure brands and more than $1 billion in revenue. He tweets about Amazon DTCs, ad budgets, consumer retail, business hacks, email marketing, creativity, capturing customer attention, market demands, and discounts.

As the CEO of Elements Brands and a 4x Founder, Bill D’Alessandro deals in acquiring, operating, and scaling digitally-native CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) brands. He likes tweeting about DTCs, company valuations, email marketing, buying opportunities, stocks trading, shipping deals, inflation, eCommerce, and many more.

Andrew Youderian is the Founder of eCommerceFuel, a private, vetted community created for 7-8-figure Amazon business owners. On Twitter, he regularly posts about eCommerce, Amazon branding, brand influencers, company teams, inventory financing, Facebook Marketing, hiring, and many other eCommerce business-related topics.



Known as a group of Amazon experts who hate “Amazon Gurus”, the AdBadger Team’s blog is a breath of fresh air when it comes to Amazon PPC advice. Their blog offers several insights on some of the most popular PPC questions such as ad targeting, new AMS console features, budgeting, PPC benchmarking, scaling, campaign reporting, using sponsored display ad functions, PPC management, campaign management, bulk files, product listing questions, and several PPC- related concerns.


If it’s Amazon selling tips you need, then the Jungle Scout blog has several helpful tips and news for you. Their goal is to empower several Amazon sellers in order to grow their brand effectively. In their blog, they mostly write about accounting and finance, Amazon affiliate programs, Amazon inventory management, Amazon marketing, new Amazon policies, Amazon PPC, product ideas, SEO, Amazon updates and trends, email marketing, importing and shipping, marketing, photography, research, and a wide range of useful resources.


Helping Amazon entrepreneurs scale their business on the platform is Helium 10. To do this, they help sellers navigate throughout their eCommerce journey by way of the software and resources they provide. Their blogs are categorized in Amazon marketing, Helium 10 updates, keyword research, listing creation and optimization, product research and validation, Amazon selling, advertising, analytics, news, seller tips, private label, retail arbitrage, and International Marketplaces.


Offering your own personal Amazon PPC Advisor and a high-performance advertising acceleration software for Amazon is Sellics. Sellics’ blog specializes in topics such as Amazon PPC, Amazon marketing tips, Amazon SEO, product sourcing, trends, pricing strategies, conversion improvement, cash flow challenges, tax guides, and Amazon news and updates. 


Pacvue markets its software as an eCommerce solution that’s built to win. Composed of eCommerce veterans, Pacvue aims to continue building the future of eCommerce with their powerful eCommerce software, technology, and data platform. Their blog teaches readers about Amazon marketplace advertising, optimization tips, localizing listings on Amazon Europe, eCommerce management, Amazon FBA logistics, product discovery, Amazon private label, and conquering Amazon with keywords.


If you’re looking for Amazon-centric news and updates, the Marketplace Pulse is one of the best resources out there. Their content revolves around the latest eCommerce news, Amazon marketplace updates, Shopify tutorials, eBay, growth strategies, Amazon Europe updates, social media eCommerce trends, Amazon Aa creation and optimization, and many more.




Curating a set of news, updates, and everything that the eCommerce giant is up to, the What Did Amazon Do This Week (WDADTW) newsletter has everything you need to know about Amazon’s weekly activities. WDADTW covers every Amazon industry such as retail, Technology (Amazon Fire, Alexa, Ring, AWS, Kindle, and etc.), Content (Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Music, Audible, Goodreads, Amazon Studios, Audible, and etc.), Advertising (Amazon Stores, Amazon Sponsored Products, Amazon Sponsored Brands, Amazon Sponsored Display, Amazon Ads, Amazon Audio Ads, and etc.), and miscellaneous topics (e.g. freight, health, pharmaceuticals, charity, delivery, employees, legal, industrial, scandals, and etc.). 


FBAMonthly is an independent newsletter company that sends up-to-date information about everything encompassing Amazon selling. This Amazon curated newsletter service sends its subscribers the latest news and developments around the Amazon Seller universe. Other than Amazon news and updates, they also include Amazon selling tips and tricks, software reviews, the best Amazon selling tools, their podcast episodes, and other multimedia content. 


Being among the best sources of Amazon Advertising information, our AMZ Pathfinder Bulletin offers more than just the latest news and updates on all things Amazon. Our blog also includes the best news and content that enable Amazon sellers to be on the top of their Amazon Advertising game. Featuring the most current Amazon news, our readers benefit from knowing about the current trends and insights revolving around the world of Amazon advertising. 

We’ve reserved a space for anyone to geek out when it comes to the technicalities behind Amazon. In AMZ Pathfinder’s Nerd Zone, we’ll let you explore topics surrounding Amazon’s latest technologies, bidding strategies, and anything surrounding the technical side of Amazon PPC.

Our company-wide news is also featured which is mostly composed of company announcements, job openings, and internal activities.

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Telegram Groups


The Amazon Sellers group TG’s (ASGTG) Telegram support group encourages Amazon sellers to join a group that’s focused on creating a safe and professional environment. Having thousands of members, ASGTG helps sellers avoid Amazon suspensions by keeping them up-to-date with the compliance rules. Some of the features they include in their Telegram group are having access to thousands of your fellow Amazon sellers, video interviews with Amazon professionals, access to a Human Resources and Deals Group, access to Seller Performance Facebook groups, and handy notifications for Amazon’s policy changes. 

This Amazon support group is absolutely free of charge, giving Amazon sellers more reason to join.


Slack Groups


The Orange Klik Club offers a Slack community with fellow Amazon sellers globally who would like to get great advice from different Amazon markets worldwide. Unlike Facebook Groups that’s always filled with unrelated chatter, the Orange Klik Club’s Slack community features a distraction-free environment where professionals can mingle and discuss issues, opportunities, tips, and everything eCommerce-related. Some of their Slack channels include accountability, branding, customer service, general business, general relax, hot seat, legal, listings, logistics, outsourcing, PPC, product launch, product research, reviews, sourcing suppliers, taxes accounting, useful resources, and wins. 




Belonging to the list of the Top 25 Amazon PPC Experts, Florian Nottorf is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of the subsidiary, Adference. Florian is also an International Speaker, Amazon PPC Expert, and an AdTech Specialist who helps develop advertising technologies for big tech giants such as Google Ads and Amazon. Follow him on LinkedIn to get updates on Amazon PPC campaigns, Amazon Advertising, Amazon competition, dynamic bidding, keywords, and many more.

Joe Shelerud is the co-founder and CEO of Ad Advance, a digital agency that specializes in Amazon Advertising. Together with his business partner, Matt Wiklund, they have been helping Amazon Sellers advertise on Amazon better through Ad Advance’s PPC and DSP Management services. On LinkedIn, he talks about Amazon Sponsored Display Campaigns, Amazon DSP, Amazon Advertising, Amazon Ad Console, Amazon Sponsored Ads, Amazon Trends, and everything concerning Amazon Sellers.

LinkedIn famous Destaney Wishon’s company, BetterAMS, provides Digital Marketing, Management Consulting, Leadership Development, Brand Marketing, and Advertising services. BetterAMS provides strategic recommendations on Amazon Advertising aspects such as DSP, Sponsored Display, Sponsored Products, and Sponsored Brands. Follow her on LinkedIn for updates on Amazon Traffic, PPC, Ranking, and everything revolving around Amazon Advertising.

Known as the CEO of PPC Ninja, Ritu Java helps Amazon Sellers boost their online sales with Amazon Advertising using the most advanced techniques. PPC Ninja offers PPC Management Services and PPC Automation Software. They also offer a PPC Academy which features a 4-week Mastermind program for a better and deeper understanding of PPC practices. On LinkedIn, she usually shares about influential PPC experts, Amazon Ads, Amazon PPC, and several topics surrounding eCommerce Marketing.

Brandon Young is Seller Systems’ Founder and Lead Instructor. Known to many as an award-winning 8-figure Amazon seller and consultant, Brandon is considered one of the most successful leading experts in Amazon Private Label. His ability to create highly effective processes based on Amazon’s ranking algorithm has allowed him to help many entrepreneurs and brand owners to start researching, building, and scaling their Amazon eCommerce businesses. On LinkedIn, he shares about Amazon FBA, eCommerce, Amazon Sellers, Amazon Entrepreneurship, and a multitude of Amazon eCommerce strategies.

Following the best Amazon PPC content creators is one of the easiest steps to learn from the best in the eCommerce industry especially if you’ve only just started in your Amazon journey. While many content creators and experts will have varying views and strategies, it’s important that you learn to create your own strategies as well based on your own experiences. But for now, do your best to absorb as much information from your chosen expert, and sooner or later, you might just wind up on our list, too!

Looking for more tips and tricks in the world of Amazon selling?


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Top 35 Recommended Amazon PPC Content Creators

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