The #1 New Opportunity Sourcing Amazon Products in 2023 with Amy Wees, Host of Seller Roundtable

How do you determine which products are best for selling on Amazon?

When you do find your superstar product, how do you source them? market them effectively on Amazon?

During these post-pandemic times, customer interest and demand for products have shifted, making it imperative to assess the new manufacturing and sourcing landscape for 2023.

In a new episode of the Beyond PPC Podcast, we interview Amy Wees, the CEO of the Amazing at Home E-Commerce Consulting Company. Together with Brent Zahradnik (AMZ Pathfinder’s Founder) and Matt Tran (AMZ Pathfinder’s Chief Marketing Officer), we talk about how her company helps brands develop unique products, source products at profitable margins, validate their products in the marketplace, and launch their brands successfully.

We also touch on sourcing products post-pandemic, AB/testing features in Seller Central, and creating A+ premium content the right way.

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