The AMZ Pathfinder
Expedition Process

Step 1: Examine The Landscape
  • Like any good explorer, we begin the expedition by scoping out the landscape.
  • We’ll examine your current business with a quick questionnaire, followed by an onboarding call with your project manager and account manager.
  • From there, we expand upon the responses so we have a complete understanding of account objectives and needs of the business. We investigate the overall strategy and specific methods used to manage advertising thus far, and configure third party tools that are central to our work to ensure that this expedition is headed in the right direction.
Step 2: Create The Maps
  • Once we have a better understanding of your part of the jungle, we begin to map out your journey. You’ll receive a complimentary “account snapshot” of your current landscape - a high-level document that you can return to for reference and benchmarking.
  • You’ll also get a map - an action plan - that details how to reorder and clean up your existing advertising presence. This map is yours to keep, whether you decide to ride with us or venture out on your own.

    This initial plan includes: A map of the safari ride you can take from your current efforts to our system in order to optimize organization and ease of account management Recommendations for account structural changes including plans to convert into a new form or cease operation of existing ad campaigns The wild keyword bids and dangerous irrelevant search terms to look out for on your expedition Binoculars to see which category on the “Pathfinder Pipeline” each campaign falls into A list of predators to look out for - products to withhold advertising spending due to poor reviews, inventory constraints or market conditions A bag full of your missed opportunities - areas where ads are being being underutilized An overview of your top-line account metrics compared to expected “normal” levels
  • We are experienced explorers with a refined process who thrive on the cutting edge of technology in the space. Once we create your complimentary plan, you’ll get a chance to review it to ensure you agree with our course of action and assessments before we get started.
Step 3: Begin the Expedition
  • At this stage, we leave you safely back at the campsite while we boldly venture forth to put your plan into action.
  • Depending on the size of the undergrowth, it may take up to a three weeks to implement. We are expert explorers, so we pay close attention to the details at this stage in order to set us up for success further down the road.
  • We follow daily checks to monitor the short-term effects of our changes, making early adjustments and cuts as required to stay on-track.
Step 4: Establish Operating Base
  • During this phase, we expand upon the new and improved advertising efforts. We ensure that all greenlighted products have ad spend going to them, and that we utilize brand, competitor, seasonal, holiday and limited time promotion campaign and keyword types when appropriate.
  • Then we put in place the Pathfinder Pipeline which sets our schedule for optimization, maintenance checks and reports to ensure a steady flow of both advertising revenue and useful information to the client.

    This includes but is not limited to:
  • Daily
    • Recent spend and sales levels check
    • Advertising availability check
    • ACoS % check for varying time windows
    • Account and Campaign budget levels check
  • Weekly
    • Search term optimization
      • Negative keywording
      • Search term impression reassignment
    • Keyword optimization
      • Bid optimization
    • Keyword promotion though the Pathfinder Pipeline
    • Research keyword set expansion
    • Update internal metric tracking and check against targets
    • Top keyword SERP analysis
  • Biweekly
    • Account trend examination
    • Inventory catalog review
    • Tactical campaign review and planning
    • Search and Destroy Keywords
    • Advertised listing viability review
    • Reporting to ensure adequate ad spend coverage for all SKUs
    • Per-SKU ACoS % reporting breakout
  • Monthly
    • Strategic review and alignment check-in call with clients
      • Gather information on future expansions and plans
      • Ensure alignment on account and product objectives as they relate to advertising
    • 60-Day converting search terms report
    • Assessment of products for title revision
    • Poor ad offer analysis
    • Backend search terms indexing review
    • Update internal data tracking documents and check metrics against targets
Step 5. Report Back To Camp
  • We report to the client with actionable information by providing: Top converting search terms that should be included in the customer-facing product detail page Search terms they may find useful that indicate larger trends or possible areas of product line expansion Top priority keywords we are focussing on in order to find the right blend of spend and exposure for within campaigns. Title revisions to products receiving substantial ad spend

These steps ensure that the client makes steady improvements to their product offerings while maintaining an advertising presence that meets objectives, resulting in a safe and profitable expedition.