Meet the Team Interview: Santiago

Santiago is an Account Manager here at AMZ Pathfinder. We caught up with him to find out more about his career, life outside of work, and to get his advice for anyone looking to break into a similar role. 

Santiago is originally from Chile, where he lived until he graduated from Universidad Catolica de Chile University in 2019. At age 24, he moved to Scotland to pursue a postgraduate Master’s degree in Media Management at the University of Glasgow. Santiago’s professional journey with Amazon began shortly after he graduated with his Master’s degree when he started working at a UK-based Amazon agency.

Outside of work, he enjoys taking part in team sports, literature, arts, movies, playing guitar, and video games.

Santiago, tell us about your role and what you do day-to-day…

I have a dynamic role focusing on both PPC and DSP. A big part of my role is developing optimal strategies for clients to achieve their objectives within the Amazon ecosystem. I implement these strategies daily through campaign launches, optimizations, and thorough analysis.

How did you embark on your career?

I first embarked on advertising at university. I was drawn to advertising as it is a field that combines all of my interests across literature, psychology, and sociology. Before completing my Master’s degree, I had already gained two years of marketing experience including an internship at an advertising agency, where I worked on customer planning, focus groups, and statistics. This piqued my interest in advertising and was a strong foundation for my career to date.

What is the most valuable advice anyone has ever given you?

I received powerful advice from a professor during my internship, who said: “Cut directly to the bone, people don’t like fluff.” This advice made me realize the importance of clear communication and straightforwardness. Applying this approach early in my career has helped me in securing roles as well as understanding and communicating with clients better.

What is your favorite part of your role?

I enjoy real-time data analysis, and gaining robust insights into product performance and user interactions. Delving into analytics allows me to make informed decisions and formulate strong hypotheses.

What is the most valuable thing you have learned in your career?

The significance of data analysis. I honed my statistical skills at the University of Glasgow and having proficiency in statistics aids me in concluding results, and proves invaluable in media advertising, and planning.

What advice would you give to others who want to become an Account Manager? 

Understand the importance of numbers and data while also gaining insight into diverse customers, marketplaces, and cultures. Learning to balance proficiency in data analysis with a focus on the human-centric aspect of customer behavior is crucial.

As the world becomes increasingly more digitally-led, what is your best tip for companies selling on Amazon?

Realize the importance of prioritizing an exceptional customer experience that aligns with Amazon’s customer-centric ethos. I would also emphasize the need to convey products effectively, ensuring a positive customer journey. With Amazon’s increasing capacity to track customer journeys, I anticipate a revolutionary era of more efficient data utilization in the near future which can be used to further success. 

You can read more of our blogs, and stay up to date with AMZ Pathfinder, on our website: https://www.amzpathfinder.com/ 

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Meet the Team Interview: Santiago

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