Infographic – The AMZ Pathfinder PPC Expedition Plan

Infographic – The AMZ Pathfinder PPC Expedition Plan

The AMZ Pathfinder Expedition Plan breaks down the 5 critical steps we follow when taking on a new client for advertising management.

In making this valuable process into an infographic we wanted to distill  these ideas to their core elements and put them out into the world  for any seller to use so they can do an audit of their own Amazon PPC campaigns equipped with this toolbox.

In addition to our proven process which we’ve highlighted here we hope you’ll find the more philosophical questions helpful in understanding the bigger picture of selling on Amazon and what role ads play in that process:

What is our overall ad strategy?

What happens to my ads if the business grows x10?

What can I take away from the results of my advertising efforts (besides just sales) that can improve my product listings?

Management of PPC advertising of any kind requires consistent vigilance, constant maintenance and carefully considered optimizations.

Amazon advertising is no different, and having a set schedule with recurring tasks is a great way to ensure things are running smoothly.

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Without further adieu, here is our Expedition Plan:

Since you’ve made it this far, meet the team that made this incredible guide.

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