How to Resolve Seller Central Support Issues Without Wasting Time

Dealing with support issues through Seller Central can be an endless and time-consuming nightmare when you’ve got a long list of tasks you could be doing for your Amazon business instead. Luckily for Amazon Sellers, Seller Candy offers a service that acts as your Amazon Personal Assistant to help you jump through all the annoying hoops when dealing with Amazon Support.

In this episode of the Beyond PPC podcast, together with Brent Zahradnik (AMZ Pathfinder Founder) and Matt Tran (AMZ Pathfinder’s Chief Marketing Officer), we interview John Cavendish, the CEO of Seller Candy. We’ll talk about the problems Seller Candy resolves for its customers, the services they offer Amazon Sellers, the seasonal trends and changes that arise in ticket resolution, how their team stays up-to-date with Amazon’s new feature rollouts, and many more!

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