How Amazon Premium A+ Content Elevated Magical Butter’s Conversion Rates by 7%


This case study delves into the work we have done with our client, Magical Butter, a leading botanical extractor brand. At AMZ Pathfinder, our focus was on enhancing their presence on Amazon by transitioning from standard A+ content to Amazon premium A+ content. They reached out to us to support them in boosting their conversion rates, boosting their brand’s digital footprint, and overall sales. We worked with them to great success to achieve these goals. In this case study, we detail how we did this.

The Challenge

Boosting the conversion rates of their products posed a challenge for the brand. After partnering with AMZ Pathfinder, we aimed to elevate customer engagement and improve conversion rates across marketplaces in the US, CA, and the UK.

Our primary objective was to enhance Magical Butter’s product conversion rates while ensuring profitability. However, we encountered a setback when attempting to meet the requirements for Amazon premium A+ content due to issues with our brand story. Undeterred, we adopted an innovative approach by creating two distinct brand narratives—one tailored for child ASINs and another for parent ASINs. This strategy proved successful, enabling us to qualify for Premium A+ content and advance towards our objectives.

The Solution: How we implemented Amazon Premium A+ Content

Upon securing premium A+ content, we were determined to deepen Magical Butter’s engagement with its customers. To do this, we researched the brand’s competitors to gain insights into their strategies. Armed with this information, we refined our A+ content to feature a hero image, and detailed explanations of the brand’s product functionality, its components, and its value to the consumers. This strategic update was met with enthusiasm from our customers, leading to an increase in our conversion rates compared to the previous A+ content. This process involved a thoughtful narrative that not only showcased the brand’s product’s advantages and applications through stunning, high-quality photography but also strengthened their identity and consistency. By ingeniously modifying their brand story to address the eligibility challenges for Amazon premium A+ content in Canada—creating two versions, one for parent-level ASINs and another for child ASINs—we effectively maintained a unified and compelling brand narrative across all newly updated content.

A compelling and beautifully crafted narrative was created to guide customers through the product’s benefits and uses, leveraging the client’s high-quality, eye-catching photography. This creative endeavor not only highlighted the product’s features but also reinforced the brand’s strong presence and consistent story. We factored into the strategy the challenges in Canada regarding eligibility for Amazon premium A+ content and included a clever modification of the brand story. By incorporating parent-level ASINs into one version of the brand story and child ASINs into a duplicate, yet equally engaging version, the issue was adeptly resolved, ensuring the brand’s narrative and strength remained cohesive throughout the newly updated content.

Results: How Amazon Premium A+ Content Paid Off!

We saw a 7% boost in conversion rates at both account and product levels, which led to healthier sales and better scaling for the brand. To showcase the success of this strategy, we compiled a report comparing month-over-month and year-over-year results, and the numbers indeed spoke for themselves. It was definitely the right move!

Amazon premium A+ content

Additional Insights

Initial Impressions from the Client

Before partnering with AMZ Pathfinder to implement premium A+ content, Magical Butter had already established a strong relationship with the team through previous collaborations on seasonal updates for their storefront. This laid the foundation for a deeper partnership focused on enhancing conversion rates. After transitioning to Amazon premium A+ content, Magical Butter was delighted with the outcome of this strategy. They praised the AMZ Pathfinder team’s efforts, highlighting the effectiveness and strength of their ongoing partnership.

“Working with Pathfinder has been an excellent experience. Their communication is top-notch, ensuring a seamless and hands-off process for us. We are extremely satisfied with the services they have provided. The consistently high-quality content they deliver is always impressive, easily earning an A+ rating from our team.”

Amazon premium A+ content Amazon A+ content What is Amazon premium A+ content What is Amazon A+ content

Final Insights: The Impact of Amazon Premium A+ Content

Many brands often question the value of content marketing when expanding their product lines and occasionally overlook its importance. We were excited to prove the effectiveness of our strategy by delivering measurable results that directly impacted sales. Building on our success in the US, we replicated our approach in Canada and the UK. This ensured consistency across all marketplaces, establishing a unified brand voice and fostering seamless growth across the board. These achievements can be tracked, compared, and serve as concrete proof of the success of our concept.

Amazon premium A+ content Amazon A+ content What is Amazon premium A+ content What is Amazon A+ content

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How Amazon Premium A+ Content Elevated Magical Butter’s Conversion Rates by 7%

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