How Amazon DSP Helped Viter Energy Achieved An Overall ROAS of 3.25

The Client

Innovating the way people boost our energy daily is Viter Energy, a company that creates caffeinated mints and gum. Created by two friends, Bryan and Jacob, Viter Energy originated from their desire to have a convenient and easy-to-carry energy booster that wasn’t in a form of a drink. For years, Viter Energy has been with us at AMZ Pathfinder even before AMZ Pathfinder rolled out our Amazon DSP (ADSP) services. Seeing that AMZ Pathfinder created several positive results for their brand, It was an easy decision for Viter Energy to take advantage of our Amazon DSP service as soon as the team provided it.

But even with the positive, continuous growth of the brand’s sales and influence, Viter Energy wanted to continue growing by receiving new orders from new and returning customers alike while maintaining a manageable ACoS.

The Challenge

Trying out new and different avenues of advertising to get the word out about their products is always daunting to any brand. While Bryan and Jacob were both on board with advertising via Amazon DSP, they had several concerns surrounding ad spend and profitability due to the changes influenced by economic changes in the market.

When asked about their initial concerns about ADSP advertising, they answered:

“We were concerned it wouldn’t work and that we’d be wasting ad spend.”

No industry is a stranger to a variety of obstacles. So when asked about the biggest challenges on the horizon for their industry, they responded:

“The challenges have always been advertising profitably. Now in 2022, we also have to contend with supply chain delays and inflationary pressures. We will continue to use ADSP as we’ve seen strong performance in the past.”

While Viter Energy has had their doubts since they’ve never tried advertising via ADSP before. Previously, they relied on our team of experts to be their eyes and ears about everything Amazon Advertising. But after assessing the challenges and economic pressures they’re facing, they gave AMZ Pathfinder their full trust to help achieve their 2022 ADSP goals of continuous positive performance and growth.

The Solution: How Amazon DSP Was Implemented

AMZ Pathfinder’s initial partnership with Viter Energy involved focusing on driving sales through retargeting strategies that helped with profitability. Seeing an increase in positive results with our efforts, the team opted to help them achieve longer-term benefits by broadening the pool of users that are being retargeted as much as possible. Eventually, the team shifted to driving consideration campaigns through ADSP.

Among the main solutions implemented was building consideration orders in the account and targeting affinity audiences. Included were:

  • the audiences of frequently purchased products
  • other products in the Viter Energy catalog
  • the main products being advertised.

Then, consideration campaigns were launched that targeted Twitch audiences. Doing this enabled us to help them reach their goal of boosting engagement. This move enabled us to measure the CTR in their Twitch campaigns, allowing us to lift total product sales (A 67% increase in November and a 95% increase in December) for the products that were being advertised.

Another strategy AMZ Pathfinder implemented was tackling the upper funnel segments through ADSP. Doing this has helped scale purchases all while maintaining a healthy ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) and Total ROAS levels throughout 2021. Knowing the ROAS levels of their account allows us to look into the activities of customers who engaged with an ad and purchased other items in Viter Energy’s catalog. Total ROAS, on the other hand, shows the level of engagement that customers have when they land on Viter Energy’s product listings.

The Results: Impact of Amazon DSP

Viter Energy’s willingness to experiment with ADSP contributed to the success of their campaigns. While many companies would second guess advertising via DSP, Viter Energy is winning the game when it comes to retargeting website traffic through DSP and tackling upper funnel segments where it’s most profitable.

Amazon DSP What is Amazon DSP

The strategy of targeting past views, retargeting audiences of the main product being advertised, and targeting the purchases of frequently purchased products also allowed Viter Energy’s ROAS and profits to increase after a few orders.

As a result of the effective consideration campaigns, their overall ROAS remained healthy at 3.62 in 2021.

By the end of 2021, AMZ Pathfinder was able to cover the top part of Viter Energy’s marketing funnel where campaigns were launched to drive awareness. After much careful planning, AMZ Pathfinder will soon begin to help them retarget website traffic through DSP and eventually drive traffic to their Amazon listings.

Viter Energy continues to work efficiently and professionally with AMZ Pathfinder as their brand creates continuous efforts to achieve more ADSP goals.

“I recommend everyone try it at a minimum. Different types of products will likely see different results, but I’d tell any friend of mine to try it and see what happens.“

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