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Total sales
Attributed orders
The results

From April to December 2019, ThinkGizmos brand achieved a 23% ACOS across the US and five European marketplaces, with 33% of its total sales attributed to advertising over this timeframe. Sponsored Brands campaigns proved effective at new customer acquisition, with 88% of attributed orders being new-to-brand.
By leveraging an API tool provider like Prestozon, AMZ Pathfinder was able to more effectively service its brand client, ThinkGizmos, who reaped the benefits of automated campaign management.

Ash e-commerce business owner
The results

In just a few months, our expert account managers dramatically decreased Ash’s blended ACoS as low as 9%.
This reduction is of benefit to Ash because the increasing profitability and cash flow frees him up to scale other parts of his business.

Viter Energy
Overall ROAS
Overall ACoS
New to brand purchases increase (2020 to 2021)
Product sales increase (2020 to 2021)
The results

Viter Energy’s willingness to experiment with ADSP contributed to the success of their campaigns. While many companies would second guess advertising via DSP, Viter Energy is winning the game when it comes to retargeting website traffic through DSP and tackling upper funnel segments where it’s most profitable.

Healing & Bliss
Total Ad Spend
Total Ad Revenue
Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
The results

Rebounding from Product Suspensions and Finding Keywords that are Profitable, Safe, and High Volume.
Our work with Healing & Bliss provided them two key benefits for their Amazon ad accounts:

  • Discovery of a collection of profitable keywords that did not trigger product suspensions.
  • Collection and negation of adult keywords that were NOT working and triggered suspensions across their account.
Tree Tub
New to Brand Purchases
DSP Spend
The results

In 10 months, we helped Tree to Tub realize that Amazon DSP is a viable advertising platform for profitability, brand consideration, and reach, especially for a smaller brand like theirs.

Why partner with AMZ Pathfinder?
Choosing an agency partner is hard. At AMZ Pathfinder we put emphasis on clear effective communication, transparency, accountability and trust. Combined with our expert knowledge of the field it sets the stage for long lasting successful partnerships. If this sounds like your cup of tea, drop in and say hey!

Improving your Amazon business is one step away.

The secret to our success

Data driven approach

Data comes first at AMZ Pathfinder, it drives our decisions at the macro account level to the micro hourly level. Allowing us to get the best results for your campaigns.

Advanced bidding

We utilize the best features Amazon can offer such as the Amazon Marketing Stream and DayParting in order to spend when it's the most profitable to you.

Clear and proactive communication

A dedicated comms team is here to provide you with fast, efficient and frequent updates, keeping you in the loop on. Providing an ‘inhouse’ feeling is a rarity in the Amazon space.

Personalised reporting

Clean, informative and tailored reporting keeps you in the loop on the metrics that you care about.


Our multi-cultural team has over 90 years of combined experience. Whatever you are facing in your Amazon journey we have seen it before and are ready to tackle it together.

Explore the ways our experts can contribute to the success of your business

Amazon sponsored advertising

We offer a comprehensive approach to rank your products and drive sales. Our most popular service. Done with you or Done for you our PPC experts are here to help.

Amazon DSP

Increase brand awareness, demand, and LTV of your customers with Amazon DSP management.

Google Ads for Amazon

Boost your sales by bringing shoppers googling your product straight to your Amazon Product Listings.

Amazon listing optimization

Let us optimize your titles, bullet points, A+ content, and more for improved retail readiness, ranking, SEO, and sales!

Amazon Storefront design

We design high converting storefronts for brands selling on Amazon. It's a dedicated space free from competitors. Let's make it count.

A-Z Amazon Ad account audit

We build custom roadmaps by forecasting opportunities that help you become your competitor’s worst nightmare.

How does it work? Simple!

step 1

Understanding Now

To grow your business we must understand your brand, the vision, the feel and the goals. Our collaborations then begin with an intensive audit, looking for trouble spots and opportunities. We then build a plan together to meet your unique needs.

step 2

Build Foundations for Success

With our plan in hand we create the building blocks for success. Whether it is ramping up an existing account, starting fresh, designing beautiful listings we turn our plan into action.

step 3

Assess, Grow and Scale

Careful expansion comes next, shooting for sales or health targets we utilize our learned data to grow your business. We keep you in the conversation with regular updates and reports.

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