Cool New Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP) Features and How to Leverage Them for 2023

Amazon’s Demand-Side Platform (DSP) has gone a long way from simply enabling advertisers to purchase video and display ads programmatically and serving ads to potential customers in different areas like Amazon-owned and operated apps and websites, mobile, and desktop. To match the growing demands of advertisers and the increase in users, Amazon DSP has added more exciting features to its DSP platform. 

Cool New Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP) Features and How to Leverage Them for 2023

This 2023, maximize your selling opportunities on Amazon by taking advantage of these new Amazon DSP features:

KPI targeting option

The new option of adding a target KPI allows you to track and optimize the performance of your campaigns and advertisements on the Amazon platform. With this tool, you can easily measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and optimize them in real-time. You can also use this tool to optimize your campaigns to reach the right customers and ensure maximum ROI. By focusing on the right KPIs, you can easily identify the areas of your campaigns that need the most improvement and take the necessary steps to make them more effective.

Amazon also benefits from this new feature since it improves its eCommerce platform’s algorithm toward the target set. 

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Metrics breakdown

The metrics breakdown feature breaks down the Amazon DSP ad metrics per day, week, and month. These metrics create a more granular report and allow for better decision-making and identifying trends during campaign optimization. The metrics involved include impressions delivered, clicks, cost per impression (CPM), cost per click (CPC), click-through rate (CTR), average cost per action (CPA), and return on ad spend (ROAS).

Responsive eCommerce Ads replace Dynamic Commerce Ads

Starting January 2023, Amazon is phasing out the Dynamic eCommerce Ads (DEA) and is keeping the Responsive eCommerce Creatives (REC) instead. These eCommerce display creatives optimize ad formats automatically in order to meet the campaign objectives. This allows advertisers to maximize their performance and reach their goals. Both creatives support several rotational ad formats. 

Machine learning and selected line item goal type (click-through rate, purchase rate, or detail page view rate) are used to optimize the variation of eCommerce creative served. These creatives use the product image found on the Amazon detail page as the primary focus, and can also include a custom background.

Advertisers benefit from Responsive eCommerce Ads through the following:

  • Selection of up to 10 different creative sizes in an eCommerce creative
  • Up to 20 ASINS in an eCommerce creative
  • Automatic skipping of ASIN rendering for out-of-stock (OOS) items. However, if all ASINs are OOS, it will show the best-performing OOS ASIN and will not pause the creative

Targeting customers reading and shopping on Kindle Books

Advertisers can also target shoppers who purchase and read Kindle Books through Amazon DSP. 

One of the major advantages of utilizing Amazon Ads for Kindle books is that they are visible to shoppers. This can be extremely beneficial as these ads can assist in targeting your desired demographic, providing easy access to a wide range of viewers, and getting your book in front of millions of Amazon users daily.

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Additional new-to-category audiences

Amazon has upgraded its new-to-category audiences by upgrading them from 12 to 73. The 61 newly-added new-to-category audiences will have little overlap between categories. These audiences can help brands reach potential customers who have never been exposed to their product before and can be accessed through targeting criteria such as product categories, brands, and keywords.

They can also give advertisers a more accurate measurement of new-to-brand shoppers. Advertisers can take advantage of the added layer of efficiency and data granularity that was not available previously with the first 12 audiences.

New reporting dimensions

In addition to new-to-category audiences, new reporting dimensions have also been added to the reports for geography, product, and technology. 

For product reports, advertisers can now track the success of their product campaigns by looking at how many conversions are generated for each ASIN, allowing them to measure both the most successful Promoted and Brand Halo ASINs (popular ASINs within a brand’s product line which create a “halo effect” that drives sales for other products within the same brand. 

Geography reports now provide metrics related to a region, state, city, designed market area (DMA), or zip code.

Technology reports now enable advertisers to optimize their campaigns based on operating system, device type, or browser.

Amazon Publisher Direct

Announced at unBoxed 2022, Amazon Publisher Direct (APD) is a display ad program that’s invitation-only. This exclusive ad program was made for top-tier publishers and bloggers to show display ads from Amazon and other leading brands on their websites. The program lets you maximize your display advertising revenue by setting a minimum CPM for each ad slot. If Amazon does not have an applicable ad or cannot fulfill your predefined minimal CPM rate for a given month, your request for an ad will be sent to an alternate ad network of your selection. Amazon Publisher Direct can be used alongside other ad networks, and the ads are pertinent to your website’s visitors.

Amazon buyers gain direct access to thousands of high-quality display, audio, and video publishers globally through ADP.

APD can be accessible through Amazon DSP and the Amazon Advertising Console and can be used by advertisers both from self-service or Amazon’s Managed Services. 

It’s available for use in the following marketplaces: North America (Canada, Mexico, and the US), South America (Brazil), Europe (Germany, Spain, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom), and Asia Pacific (Australia and Japan).

Audience Research in beta

Currently in beta mode, the newly-launched Audience Research studies can be designed, launched, and viewed by advertisers. These studies allow advertisers to quickly gather feedback from their target customers in order to make necessary changes to their messaging prior to a campaign launch or to help shape their overall marketing strategy.

Audience Research also allows advertisers to quickly and conveniently obtain trustworthy survey responses from the audiences they are attempting to reach through their Amazon Ads campaigns. This data provides a better understanding of their target audience’s opinions, interests, and purchasing habits, both on and off the Amazon marketplace.

These studies also utilize the Amazon Shopper Panel, which is an exclusive, opt-in program in which participants can receive rewards each month for either sharing their receipts from external purchases or completing surveys on a separate mobile app. Advertisers interested in using these studies are required to have a minimum budget of $50,000.

These studies can be found within the Amazon Ads API and the Amazon DSP console and are available only in the US at the time of writing.

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Cool New Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP) Features and How to Leverage Them for 2023

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