Basics of Amazon Bidding! What Influences CPC in 2023?

Amazon PPC can be a significant cost for Amazon sellers, and many are unknowingly paying too much for each click. If you’re an Amazon seller struggling with advertising costs, our video has got you covered! Our goal is to empower Amazon sellers to optimize their advertising campaigns, reduce their CPC, and increase the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.

Hosted by Lisett Lees of Orange Klik, this podcast episode features Brent Zahradnik, the founder of AMZ Pathfinder, who breaks down the basics of bidding and provides a step-by-step guide to calculating how many clicks you could get for your budget, and how conversion rates can impact your sales.

He also discusses various factors influencing the cost per click in 2023, including built-in Amazon features like campaign bidding strategy, rule-based bidding, and adjusting bids by placements, as well as third-party tools and their features.

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