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Use Sponsored Ads and AMS for Results-Driven Performance with Measurable ROI

Done-for-You Amazon Sponsored Ads Management

Our Amazon Sponsored Ads management service includes:

  • Ad Campaign management focused on hitting your target ACoS (advertising cost of sales) while increasing revenue, building out ad efforts to boost and maintain organic rank and to use advertising as an advanced method of keyword research.
  • Recommendations for listing titles to enhance appearance in search results and product page copy to incorporate valuable converting terms.
  • Detailed reporting on results and findings at the end of each month.

We form collaborative relationships with clients and gain an understanding of how their products are positioned in the market. Our approach emphasizes building self-sustaining and profitable campaigns for the long haul. We want you as the business owner to spend as little time as possible worrying about ad management. We love learning about interesting client businesses so get the conversation started today!

Clients are Talking

I tried to learn and manage Amazon PPC advertising myself but it is way above my head and uninteresting. After I turned over all of my PPC advertising to Brent the results have been amazing. As a digital nomad entrepreneur, his service has freed me up to work on other aspects of my business, especially as I travel. I now have peace of mind knowing that everything is being handled as optimally as possible. But I don’t have to just take Brent's word for it - he provides very detailed monthly reporting of results such as ACoS, net ROI down to the SKU level. We also have a monthly conference call to summarize the results and adjust our strategy and budget as necessary. PPC is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me, but because Brent is so easy and enjoyable to work with, he almost makes PPC fun. Almost : )

Troy W. of Art of Liv’n

I am delighted to recommend AMZ Pathfinder for the set up and management of Amazon Ad campaigns. This service saves a lot of time and work for me which is best used on other tasks. Brent's work has meant my best sellers ranking has improved dramatically and my ad spend has been quite acceptable in light of the returns I’m getting. 

Rachel K, an seller from the UK

I've worked with Brent from AMZ Pathfinder on many Amazon PPC projects and find him to be very responsive and professional with insane attention to detail. But the most important thing is that Brent and his team are at the cutting edge of the Amazon PPC platform - always testing new tools, approaches and ideas.

I consider Brent a thought leader in the Sponsored Products Ads and Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) space. He & his team bring strategic insight to the overall direction of Amazon accounts, are generous with coaching and advice for clients, and offer a very flexible, personal relationship for brands looking to improve their Amazon PPC results.

Kiri Masters, Owner of Bobsled Marketing

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