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Intimate Rose offers award-winning women’s health products, specifically pelvic health solutions. Their HSA-approved products are perfect for empowering women who are seeking a supportive community to build a bond with and solutions for chronic pelvic pain relief.

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In 2008, Dr. Amanda Olson found herself enduring a personal and tragic accident while on a camping trip with her husband and friends. She sustained a dislocation to her coccyx and significant damage to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of her pelvic floor after a 40-foot fall.

Fortunately, Amanda saw a pelvic physical therapist who used a comprehensive evaluation, manual techniques, and exercises to completely cure her within six months. She healed without further issues and went on to deliver two baby boys naturally.
Dr. Amanda’s expertise combined with the innovation of Aaron Wilt, CEO of Intimate Rose, resulted in the creation of the Intimate Rose dilators and pelvic wand. Using his original proprietary medical-grade silicone which she acknowledged was a “game-changer”, together they knew the dilators and wand could advance and support millions of women in pain.

Dr. Amanda also curated many of the other Intimate Rose products including the balm which is made 20 minutes from her hometown of Portland, OR.