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Glitter Eco Lovers offers beautiful and biodegradable glitters perfect for use with arts and crafts projects. Being a licensed seller of Bioglitter®, their glitter products are vegan and made from plants, specifically the cellulose of eucalyptus trees.

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Charlotte Bakke, a small female business woman located in Norway. However, she did live in USA for a time being and her heart will always miss this country.

Glitter is loved by so many people in this world, and she know ‘cause she’s one of them. However, there has been a lot less pleasure in glitter these past few years. But now introducing Bioglitter® the world is again allowed to party without the bad conscience that ordinary plastic glitter brought to them. When she discovered this new glitter 2 years ago she was over the moon! This is a so-called Bioglitter®. This means that it is plant-based and biodegradable. Not only does this solve the problem with the plastic-based glitter, but it is also a solution that is more comfortable on the skin. During festivities, it is undeniably important, especially on hot summer days.