How AMZ Pathfinder Generated 4.78x ROAS For This Sexual Wellness Brand for 22 Months

Highlighted Results

Impressions in 22 months
1 MM
Ad Revenue Generated
$ 1 MM+
ACoS Average in 22 months
1 %
Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
1 x

Healing & Bliss* is a US-based Amazon seller who has been in business since 2015. Their brand resides in the sexual wellness and health space.

The Challenge

Finding the Right ‘Who’ for the Job

Before Healing & Bliss partnered with AMZ Pathfinder, they were having a hard time finding someone to manage and optimize their Amazon PPC advertising. Even though they had an in-house marketer, that person was already overloaded with other tasks. This delay in ownership lead to:

  • Decline in overall ad performance
  • Energy and time spent submitting job posts, reviewing CVs, and interviewing candidates
  • Discovering an underwhelming talent pool

“I had a guy in-house doing it… but I think he was either getting a little overloaded in the work that I was assigning him. And so his overall work performance really was on the decline. 

PPC is obviously an important part of selling on Amazon and I needed to take it off his hands in some way. I interviewed a lot of different people on Upwork but didn’t really find anybody I was really happy with.”

A common scenario we sometimes see as an agency is a “start and stop” approach where an in-house person will do good work executing the initial phase of an advertising strategy but will slowly drop off when it becomes clear they need sustained effort to maintain optimal performance.

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The Solution

Quick-Win Strategies, Clear Reporting, and Full Amazon PPC Management

“The onboarding process went pretty smoothly. …We provided a spreadsheet of targeted ACoS, goals and things like that, which is the place you have to start.”

We onboarded Healing & Bliss in May of 2019 and instantly understood the sensitive nature of their products. We were managing multiple brands with multiple KPIs that included:

  • Product ranking
  • Lowering/Increasing targeted ACoS performance
  • Spend scaling

One of the worst things an account can encounter is a product suspension. If you know anything about selling sexual wellness products, you know that Amazon deploys stricter policies and guidelines to prevent offensive or sexually explicit content on their platform.

Because of these standards, we swiftly coordinated, cooperated, and resolved product issues with Amazon Seller Support due to its sensitive nature (ie. adult wellness products). This resulted in us developing future-proof strategies for campaigns to avoid and prevent any future suspensions.

“When things are going crazy on Amazon and sh*t is hitting the fan, you need to be able to delegate things to people that you trust. That’s what you guys did for me and I really appreciate that.”

The Results

Rebounding from Product Suspensions and Finding Keywords that are Profitable, Safe, and High Volume.

“One thing that you guys did for us that was really good is creating some of these reports that we requested basically highlighting which terms we’re working and which terms were not working.”

Our work with Healing & Bliss provided them two key benefits for their Amazon ad accounts:

  • Discovery of a collection of profitable keywords that did not trigger product suspensions. 
  • Collection and negation of adult keywords that were NOT working and triggered suspensions across their account.

“The most valuable thing is an understanding and vision across multiple businesses and across multiple niches to give insight to your current clients. 

I think the biggest value add for me and for a lot of folks, whether they realize it or not, is if you can see a lot of accounts and you can synthesize that data and you have somebody who has good judgment, you can see those trends of what’s happening in this niche and related niches. 

That’s a good value add that you guys have over doing this in-house.”

In 22 months, we’ve ran over 960 ad campaigns and a total of 255+ MILLION impressions that resulted in:

These campaigns were launched and managed throughout 6 different marketplaces (US, UK, DE, FR, IT, and ES).

As their advertising accounts matured, so did their brand and organization. After 22 months, Healing & Bliss found their in-house Amazon specialist and we parted ways. 

We are grateful for their business, and as an advertising agency, we believe that losing a client in this way is the biggest compliment a service provider can receive and we are proud to have been of service for a great brand.

“You guys took a pain point away from me in a time that I really needed it. The thing that stands out to me about you all is that when I really needed somebody that I knew had a good head on their shoulders, came recommended, was not going to blow anything up, was not going to make any serious errors, you guys really did that for me in a time that I really needed it– when I was having employee problems. 

From my point of view, that is a really important thing for a business owner.”

* actual business named change for confidentiality reasons

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Get this as a PDF presentation to share with your boss or colleagues. If you download this case study (pdf) by submitting the form, we will redirect you to a Google Drive Folder with this case study and more!

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