AMZP Webinar - 1200x628 - Social Media Banner - June 24


How Your Brand Should Leverage Amazon's Sponsored Display + ADSP Advertising for an Effective Full Funnel Brand Strategy

North America Friendly Session – Date/Time:

Thursday, June 24th @ 1PM (EST)/10AM (PST)

Shoppers overwhelmingly prefer Amazon. Vast selection. Personalized shopping. Easy checkout. Prime Delivery. The list goes on and on…

And as a brand owner, you’ve built a successful product catalog customers love and now you’re ready to reach a wider audience

Let hosts, Brent Zahradnik and Antoine de Pitray from Amazon Advertising FR get you up to date on what display advertising options are at your fingertips in 2021.

What does the owner of a growing ecommerce business need to know about Amazon’s Sponsored Display vs Demand Side Platform and how they differ? 

How does an agency think about using these tools and how might those tactics differ from how Amazon sees them?

We answer these questions and more at AMZ Pathfinder’s first-ever co-hosted webinar with Amazon Advertising.

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