Sponsored Products and
AMS Advertising

Save Yourself Time, Energy and Stress with Hands-Off SPA and AMS Management

Take your business to the next level with sponsored products and AMS advertising and you’ll never have to worry about your PPC ever again. Finally, you can focus on the aspects of your business that you want…and you’ll be making money while you do it.

At AMZ Pathfinder, your brand will get optimized using the best process, and you’ll only pay the best price.

You’ll get our solid, PROVEN process that uses a revenue-sharing model so your invoices will always reflect your account status changes and market conditions, instead of a static number based on SKU or ASIN.

You’ll work closely with our team to ensure that you reinvest your ad spend in a way that most closely aligns with your objectives in order to sustain your business for years to come. money in the best way possible, in order to collect your well-earned income repeatedly for years to come.

Let AMZ Pathfinder take care of your SPA,
and you’ll get…

  • The missing piece your business needs in order to run like a well-oiled machine

  • Incremental and reliable increases in revenue and sales velocity

  • Optimized campaigns without any additional work on your plate

  • Accelerated brand awareness and increased organic reach

  • Peace of mind knowing that your ads are in good hands

  • “I’ve worked with Brent from AMZ Pathfinder on many Amazon PPC projects. Brent and his team are at the cutting edge of the Amazon PPC platform – always testing new tools, approaches and ideas. I consider Brent a thought leader in the Sponsored Products Ads and Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) space. He & his team bring strategic insight to the overall direction of Amazon accounts, are generous with coaching and advice for clients, and offer a very flexible, personal relationship for brands looking to improve their Amazon PPC results.”

    Kiri Masters

    Bobsled Marketing
  • 30 companies

    We’ve worked with over 30 companies thus far, and we’d love to add yours to our list of successes. However, our services aren’t for everyone.

  • $50,000

    If your monthly revenue exceeds $50,000, we’d love to work together to double or even triple that number.

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