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The AMZ Pathfinder Approach to Amazon PPC Management

Every Amazon business is unique and should be treated as such. That’s why we have engineered our well-oiled, battle-tested, 5-step process that helps us reveal what’s best for your business and how we can align with your brand to achieve your advertising goals.

Amazon PPC Case Studies

Here are some case studies. Click on each image to see how AMZ Pathfinder helps brands manage and scale their PPC campaigns.

How KeySmart 4x Amazon Ad Revenue

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How This CPG Brand Increased Annual Amazon Ad Revenue by 147%

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How We Generated 4.78x ROAS For This Sexual Wellness Brand

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Our 5 Step Approach To Getting Great Results:

  • Account Evaluation:

    Account evaluations are a great way for us to know your account and report back on what pros and cons are catching our eye.

  • Onboarding and Account Triage:

    After the evaluation, comes the account triage. We’ll have an assigned account manager take over your account, start working on the pain points, and “clean up” the account effectively to have it ready for scaling.

  • Restructure and Scale:

    When triage is complete, we start restructuring the account, renaming advertising campaigns, building new ones and putting the account on a path to growth.

  • Ongoing Optimization:

    From there on, we’ll keep on optimizing your Amazon PPC Account, finding new ways to grow and applying effective methods and new features Amazon introduces to scale.

  • Ongoing Collaboration:

    We’ll keep in touch to update you about your Amazon PPC campaigns, discuss the next steps, and raise any concerns you have. We will also be reporting back to you on your account’s performance on a monthly basis.

Our Pricing Breakdown:

We require a two month commitment to begin, but after that, you get to decide each month if you want to continue our Amazon PPC services. We only ask for a 30 day notice before we end our partnership. We’ll never trap you into any contracts.

See our general estimates below.

Your Monthly (non-branded)
Amazon PPC Ads Revenue:

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Our Pricing Breakdown

Requirements for our Amazon PPC management: We require a two month commitment to begin, but after that, you get to decide each month if you want to continue our Amazon PPC services. We only ask for a 30 day notice before we end our partnership. We’ll never trap you into any contracts.

See our general estimates below.

We Guarantee This.

A professional service so aligned with your revenue goals and communication style, you’ll swear someone is running your Amazon ads in-house.

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How Keysmart Quadrupled (4x) Amazon Revenue in the Last 5 Years with AMZ Pathfinder

The Client:
The numbers on screen kept climbing and by midnight Michael Tunney, founder of KeySmart, destroyed his modest goal of $6,000. His Kickstarter ended with an incredible $329,862 and 8,000 pledges from eager backers. This raised a problem that the new KeySmart Team couldn’t solve on their own…

The Challenge:
The immediate growth and notoriety Michael and his team found left them spread too thin. When trying to execute Amazon advertising, their in-house marketing manager did the initial setup but he was not able to prioritize Amazon PPC.

The Solution:
AMZ Pathfinder diagnosed their business and implemented long lasting solutions that not only helped their immediate challenges, but allowed the KeySmart team to scale with practical PPC strategies.

Highlighted Results

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How AMZ Pathfinder helped this CPG Brand increase annual ad revenue by 147% in 2.5 years

The Client:
Bryan has been in ecommerce for the last 5 years. His CPG brand is in the health and household category selling energy-focused consumer packaged goods.

The Challenge:
We were small enough so I was doing it myself. However, we got to the point where we were getting bigger, so I had to outsource that.” – Bryan

The Solution:
With Bryan’s business being a consumer packaged product, AMZ Pathfinder understood that sales velocity, brand positioning, and CLV (customer lifetime value) is more important than just low ACoS.


Highlighted Results

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How AMZ Pathfinder Generated 4.78x ROAS For This Sexual Wellness Brand for 22 Months

The Client:
Healing & Bliss* is a US-based Amazon seller who has been in business since 2015. Their brand resides in the sexual wellness and health space.

The Challenge:
Before Healing & Bliss partnered with AMZ Pathfinder, they were having a hard time finding someone to manage and optimize their Amazon PPC advertising.

A common scenario we sometimes see as an agency is a “start and stop” approach where an in-house person will do good work executing the initial phase of an advertising strategy but will slowly drop off when it becomes clear they need sustained effort to maintain optimal performance.

The Solution:
If you know anything about selling sexual wellness products, you know that Amazon deploys stricter policies and guidelines to prevent offensive or sexually explicit content on their platform. 

Because of these standards, we swiftly coordinated, cooperated, and resolved product issues with Amazon Seller Support due to its sensitive nature (ie. adult wellness products). This resulted in us developing future-proof strategies for campaigns to avoid and prevent any future suspensions.


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