Client Testimonials

  • The team at AMZ Pathfinder are some of the few people I would trust to handle such a critical part of my $6M+ Amazon account. They worked on my account for over a year restructuring campaigns, digging up new keywords, cutting out unprofitable spend, and building the processes to make handling things much easier than before. With their help, our ACoS dropped by at least 20% and helped our brands profitably grow to the place they are today.

    Steve C, South Street Designs

    North America and EU Markets Amazon Business Owner
  • We started out trying to master Amazon PPC, first by nailing the format and structure of all our current and future campaigns and then by integrating with automated software which could manage bids and search terms. I personally wasted hours trying to manage all of this and in the end we decided to get someone involved who has the experience to do it properly. I’d highly recommend this route for anyone serious about doing business on Amazon. Calculate the importance of good PPC management to your business and then see if you’re likely to get a good ROI from the fees charged by AMZ Pathfinder. For us it was a no brainer.

    The team are great; Laura has been marvelous and is our main point of contact. She ensures that the rest of the AMZ Pathfinder team are informed of any upcoming changes to our product range, so they can react as necessary. In summary, with PPC becoming such a fundamental part of our business, we were delighted to have this weight taken off our shoulders and we now have 100% confidence in it’s management. Cheers!

    Nick J

    Selling on EU Marketplaces from the UK
  • I used to be really good at Amazon Sponsored Ads, but just didn’t have the time or expertise to keep up with the constant changes Amazon made. Most of our campaigns were now getting half to one quarter the sales revenue they used to and our campaigns became a bit of a mess to be honest. Rather than trying all the wrong things, we decided to go to a pro.

    Brent was very helpful and informative with his account audit. Not only did he help clean up the accounts in a really positive way, he gave us the right direction to go into so we could continue to properly manage our campaigns and successfully launch campaigns on new products. He was always very quick to respond to questions and has been a huge help. Well worth the minimal investment to greatly increase our sponsored ads profitability. It easily paid for itself and then some

    Tyler D

    Seller on the US marketplace
  • I am delighted to recommend the services of Brent in the setting up and management
    of Amazon Ads campaigns. His service saves a lot of time and work for me which is best used on
    other tasks. I have found Brent to be very quick in replying to my emails/enquiries and very thorough in his work on my Amazon Ads campaigns. His work has meant by best sellers ranking has improved dramatically and my ad spend has been quite acceptable in light of the returns I’m getting.

    Rachel K

    Seller on the US Marketplace from the UK
  • Working with Brent has been the best decision to help scale our business effectively. His knowledge & expertise is demonstrated by our significant increase in sales on Amazon. He truly cares about his clients & is completely transparent in all aspects of his campaign management. He has saved us the time from learning & managing this area of the business ourselves & is constantly looking to improve our sales and reputation on Amazon. A-Player, results-driven & customer-focused.

    Sean D

    Seller on the US marketplace
  • I tried to learn and manage Amazon PPC advertising myself but it is way above my head and interest level. After I turned over all of my PPC advertising to Brent the results have been amazing. As a digital nomad entrepreneur, his service has freed me up to work on other aspects of my business, especially as I travel. I now have peace of mind knowing that everything is being handled as optimally as possible. But I don’t have to just take Brent’s word for it. He provides very detailed monthly reporting of results such as ACOS and net ROI. We also have a monthly conference call to summarize the results and adjust our strategy and budget as necessary. PPC is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me, but because Brent is so easy and enjoyable to work with, he almost makes PPC fun. Almost:)

    Troy W

    Art of Liv’n"
  • I’ve worked with Brent from AMZ Pathfinder on many Amazon PPC projects. Brent and his team are at the cutting edge of the Amazon PPC platform – always testing new tools, approaches and ideas. I consider Brent a thought leader in the Sponsored Products Ads and Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) space. He & his team bring strategic insight to the overall direction of Amazon accounts, are generous with coaching and advice for clients, and offer a very flexible, personal relationship for brands looking to improve their Amazon PPC results.

    Kiri Masters

    Bobsled Marketing