Trying to figure out how to get the best results out of your PPC campaigns for Q4?

Rest easy! We just did the optimization tasks for you. 13 major optimization tasks to improve your campaigns for Q4.

By Following The 13 Major Optimization Tasks, You Will Learn How To:

Maximize Sponsored Product, Brand, and Display Ads

Take advantage of new 2021 features to effectively optimize and maximize your campaigns. This includes new budget rules, audience targeting, bulk file strategies, and more!

Revise Your Negative Keywords

This is to ensure that you’re not blocking any keywords that might not convert at a sustainable rate earlier in the year but with increased conversion rates during Q4 now make sense to spend money against.

Prioritize Profitable Ad Slots Aggressively

Maximize your visibility during peak sales days. Watch your top performing products winning top performing keywords in top performing placements without going over your target CPC.

Implement New Features Like a Pro Right Before Q4!

Discover what to do with broad match keywords and open match types by the experts. Also review your inventory and stockouts changes, budget rules, audience targeting, and more!

Q4 is the perfect time for doing a health check on your Amazon PPC campaigns and see where you can optimize for improved efficacy. 

That’s why AMZ Pathfinder created the 60-Minute Amazon PPC Checklist for Q4. As an Amazon PPC agency generating 7-figure results since 2015, we distilled our Q4 processes and procedures for our clients into an easy-to-follow guide. 

If you’re looking to get the best sales velocity, ranking and profitability for the holiday season, read through the steps in our guide by downloading it for your team!

These Are The Same Steps We Take to Generate The Best Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BF/CM) Results For Our Clients:

Ready To Break Revenue-Records This Q4? Optimize Your Campaigns Like a Pro:

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Download the Amazon PPC Health Checklist for Q4

13 Must-Do Optimization Tasks for your biggest Q4 in 2020!

Download the Amazon PPC Health Checklist for Q4​

13 Must-Do Optimization Tasks for your biggest Q4 in 2021!